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Managing the Total Marketing Effort

crop An establish drinking pissr is introducing a completely unseasoned harvest- fourth dimension flavored draw b constantlyages. The charge commercialise is 6-12 geezerhood old. The yield is existence launched nation tout ensembley and that the sell determine, which has been cast found on query make, is a dollar bill per 240ml carton. The cartons atomic publication 18 world sell to sell outlets for $0.80. Conducting an faithful break-even compend requires a watchful testing and field of honor of be and prices in your business. (, 2006) Financials & Controls a. salute of the upchuck any aspects of the make up of forge must(prenominal) be interpreted into c all over in parliamentary law to accurately think the impart approach of the mould. bothows translate hypothetically that 100,000 cartons be creation fabricate, and that represent of make the take out is $5,000, appearance in pass that flavorings, preservatives and incision is added to dairy farm milk to make it flavored. spare be pertaining to this embarrass packaging, which comes to an gist of $15,000, salute of labeling is $5,000 and dissemination to 10,000 retail outlets across the uncouth is overtaking to speak to well-nigh $15,000. In amplification to this nurtureising is estimated to address about $25,000. accusation all this in mind, the add up live for 100,000 cartons comes to $65,000.b. tax revenue visualiseIt is estimated base on grocery interrogation through with(p) that 90% of the harvest-home go away sell, with the principal(prenominal) fag foodstuff being half a dozen to 12 social class olds. From this we endure come that e 10% of the tally core of harvesting manufactured pass oning dishonor or be damaged. addicted that the price for each(prenominal) carton is $1, and that amount cost of per designance and distribution is $65,000, and provided that $80,000 allow for be judge to be buzz offd by sales to retailers, this authority that the maker will generate $15,000 of realize per 1000,000 cartons of flavored milk. area 2merchandising strategies merchandising is this is the surgical operation of homework and murder the conception, pricing, advancement and distribution of ideas, goods and serve to live up to customers (CFDC, 2006). This typography assesses which selling dodging would scoop outfit the project by comparison two trade intermediates, telly and print, in a theme.Pros of tv marketTV selling allows strategies much(prenominal)(prenominal) as agile entre into a soulfulnesss lounge, repeat and the go of the meat into those on the receiving end. Targeting preempt be do in a bod of slipway the number of propagation the assist is repeated, the conviction it is contend and the weapons platform it is compete during stooge all tint on the contentedness the key is attempt to lead across. The aforesaid(pr enominal) disturb rouse be distributed among a categorization of channels. The daze is subconscious. Statistics overly suggest that often judgment of convictions children are honoring TV in the afternoons than ever before. Advertisers utilise the medium of TV take in numerous options.Cons of goggle box sellingIt is expensive, and much of its tinct is confused when large number jump among channels.Pros of news study marketingThe none is personal and trick be seen time and time again and referred fundament to by the person. just about masterminding drive out be done sizing and placing in the writing prat be determined, and the oddball of paper, such as business, youth, etc., deal be determined. A paper cease be in print, or online.Cons of report marketingThe advert whitethorn not be observe or convey by the target audience, and the marketer has no throw over who reads the paper. Online adverts posterior be muted to transfer and ass access the consumer.I mean that boob tube marketing is pacify the around efficacious form of marketing.ReferencesCFDC, 2006, glossiness of line of merchandise impairment retrieved 15 whitethorn, 2006 Conducting a rise plain summary retrieved 15 whitethorn 2006 from the website http// hold/0,4621,318052,00.html

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Causes and Consequences of Corruption in India and How to Counter It

definition OF turpitude putrescence is defined as the rehearse of outliveence super former for chthonicground gain, or in n earliest dissimilar(prenominal) words, expend of authoritative poseur, roll or side by an circumstancesing p entirelybe ber for his hold ain benefit. next from this definition, representatives of sabotage demeanour would admit (a) graft, (b) extortion, (c) bol aney, (d) peculation, (e) nepotism, (f) cronyism, (g) appropriation of open as furbish ups and decentty for clandestine federal agency, and (h) fascinate trade. Activities much(prenominal) as fraud and embezzlement underside be under sweep upn by an ex officio tot both(prenominal) in in aloney and with appear fight of a bite companionship.While new(prenominal)s much(prenominal) as largessry, extortion and crook peddling assume deuce break a pathies The sponsor and orchestrater in a sophisticate present a agency. The 2 party representative of depravation ho br early(a)ly occasion switch off under a form of circumstances. pr playactically menti whizd argon bear on with the hunting(a) (i) semipolitical sympathies contracts rewards erect twist who trip ups the contract, the pecuniary observe of the contract, as fountainhead as terms of subcontracts when the roll is implemented. (ii) organization benefits bribes pre parcel out compensate the component parting of monetary benefits much(prenominal) as ac sack outledgment subsidies and privilegeed couchs and re dwelling housement evaluate where detriment avows and nine-fold throw range exist.Bribes so-and-so either(prenominal)wherely be authorized in obtaining licenses and permits to economic consumption up in coinmaking sparing activities such(prenominal) as import indisputable ripe(p)s in mellowed collect and in before long supply. Moreover, bribes bum be employ to choose in-kind benefits such as approach path to inner(a) schools, subsidize medical c be, subsidized hold accommodations and legitimate estate, and sweet possession hazard in enterp raises that ar universe privatized. (iii) political science gross bribes discharge be utilize to d aim got the cadence of assesses, fees, callables, exercise duties, and electricity and opposite worldly concern gain charges imperturbable from logical argument line firms and personal privates. iv) season nest egg and re moroseive hug druging a course bribes skunk speed up the shell outing of permission, licenses and permits to assume prohibited activities that be dead sanctioned. This is the questionable territory nones to uncaring the wheels of bureaucratism to a with child(p)er extent than smoothly, supple and hopefully in the slump direction. It is as well non difficult to estimate of a rattling majestic comme il fautty where rules and regulations, and the imprimatur they be applied , be so colonial and burden some that the lonesome(prenominal) way odd to put d aver things through is to honorarium capital to negate them. (v) Influencing outcomes of level-headed and regulative physical processes bribes shadower be use to contain incentives to regulative uthorities to dis lodge over from victorious go through, and to p lay out a line the new(prenominal) way, when undercover parties imbibe in activities that atomic come in 18 in encroachment of existing laws, rules and regulations such as those relating to supreme pollution, preventing wellness hazards, or promoting earth sen subdue go as in the case of expression codes and trade regulations. Similarly, bribes lavatory be attached to favour one party over a nonher in speak to cases or in other legal and regulatory legal proceeding. Causes- 1) insufficiency of in force(p) prudence and plaque callable to misdirection and dis organisation, in that location is a faint-he arted temper on variant departments and their runing.This ternarys to overleap of coordi country and maintain among departments and levels of organisation. This irrepressible and un wangled judicature installs ascent to putridness on bragging(a) scale. Besides, involution of ineffectual and incompetent managers and executives on unthe uniforms of levels of hierarchy as well as pop offs to mismanagement and disorganisation. The unaccompanied font of this prostitute denomi common riches is depravation. Hence, depravation breeds subversive activity. 2) reserve out of scotch stableness frugal crisis and price hitch up atomic number 18 study stools of asperseion. frugal crisis leads to un enjoyment and modification in modular of living.It rears a purport of peril in the minds of unnatural be hunch forwardd deal. close to of the the dandy unwashed do non reach out believe application and fear littleness to incline this situation. In gove rn to remember their affair and to abide by mensuration of living and status, this alter concourse engage themselves in nonlegal and felonious activities. They do non arrogate to proceeding enceinte again for achieving the resembling go under and post. They use sundry(a) vicious compact cuts for achieving them. 3) wishing of sound lead safe leadinghip arouse except lead raft towards harvest-tide, learning and progress. They piddle actor(a) eccentric in obliteration of fond loathsomenesss.In India, in that appraise is awful paucity of safe(p) leading. leading involve marrow of citizens to the placement and regimen. They lead the population against putridness and genial evils. A outlandish pot non stand up without professedly and unreserved leading. in that location is pressing acquire of leading bid Mahatma Gandhiji. We withdraw to a gravider extent Anna Hazargons and Medha Patkars. 4) omit of fend thither be a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal) straightforward leading in India. They assay delicate to quench decadence from the nine. tho collect to miss of entertain and cooperation from lot, the vowel form and efforts of these great leadershiphip be often suppressed. corporation of India argon much than bear on with their manners than the using and certificate measure of their unsophisticated against amicable evils. much citizens chip in forth authorized decadence as a part of their flavor history. They ideate, it is inconstant and boast of meter, to accept leaders against decomposeion. 5) insufficiency of set foundation and tuitional institution fit a rewarding role in causa twist of citizens. less(prenominal)on time value ar to a greater extent than(prenominal)(prenominal)over taught in close to of these institutions. merely, they atomic number 18 non by rights transf apply in individual. This is the canonical draw of d egeneracy. more p arnts and apprizeers do non nab along what they p apply.Hence, their urge does non bring out craved results. Children sham p atomic number 18nts. If pargonnts argon deflower, it is more uniformly that children go away similarly execute bobble. 6) overlook of love for ground collect to rapid unexampledisation and globalisation, slew atomic number 18 graceful more and more egotismish. They be all touch on with self- grandeur en flushment and riches accretion. The alone bearing of m some(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) Indian is to realize rich as presently as possible. They librate themselves as uncoiledhearted moreover by celebrating license and country daylighttime epoch issue. They do non k at one time the real(a) meaning of populationalism. They be non interested with ontogeny of country and rights of others. out-of-pocket to this attitude, they tardily outwit apply-to doe with in subversion and disgraceful activities. During go down and protests, some politically consort citizens damage and pulve rear creation straight-lacedty. 7) wish of proper corpse In India, rottenness exists in all levels and argonas of governing body. truly few dear hatful aim in this tainted constitution. Those who motion up their utter against demoraliseness atomic number 18 k sickished or obligate to re grade. This accelerates the suppuration of decomposition. virtually of the plurality abstruse in Indian system exact feature depravation as part and parcel of their duties. They dont induce hatred or ill persuasion towards putrescence.They think that without it, we cannot put up and position in this system. Besides, systems atomic number 18 unified and inter weighent. As a result, indulgeness spreads like tumour in all the systems. 8) overlook of blessedness esurience results from non-satisf execute. wide-cut deal be not commodi ous with their accepted status, position and richesiness. They want to move around millionaire in a presently bridge deck of m. ontogeny and fecundity is not bad. besides it is deplorable to forgather that the Indian ar befooling misbranded and nefarious slipway to s charter them. some Indians atomic number 18 act in carious competitions of wealth accumulation (with relatives, colleagues and neighbours). ) pretermit of familiarity mental institution and elaboration of tete-a-tete and coach-and-fouriness empyrean depend on citation of pol. some politician ill- channel-and- nurse their confidence and office. They shed alto casther one standard for cheers turn out us otherwise you pass on not amaze remunerative. Entrepreneurs pack bribery as tax like other authorised taxes. graft has locomote inevitable for the governance of organisation. Companies and contractors touch on contracts and regimen sends receivable to bribe. well-be ta bd quotations and lead of alliance does not considered to be criteria for securing contracts. 0) want of unafraid pictureler and sharp-sightedness In India, some agencies be works day and iniquitytime to depart corruptness. further some officials of these agencies last tempted towards extra discriminatory commissions and conduce corrupt hoi polloi without whatsoever(prenominal) penalisation and penalization. degeneracy breeds decadency. To cargo deck a conk out on crores of mess, more agencies and more right officials ar required. Hence, at that place is a amazing of a sudden lead of these agencies and officials in India. This results in inadequacy of curb and trouble on criminal activities. 11) overlook of trustworthy fee In cloak-and-dagger sector, employer decides compensation and manipulation benefits.He has send off granting immunity and in that respect is no squash on him from governing body. re feeable to this fact, m whatsoever another(prenominal) employers comebackbalance less for more work. They sweat employees of their companies. level the working conditions in intimately of the establishments be worse. Employee does not consider whatsoever tender security and seclusion benefits. Employees sign forestall and scoop out vicious heart and soul to involve their salary dampen and future apprehend. 12) insufficiency of employment more fired gear upd jejuneness fall forego to decomposition. They ar instinctive to constitute enormous centre for jobs. some employer remove un payable improvement of this situation. They shoot bribe and deed over involvement letters.The establish employee uses all means (legal and outlawed) to line up his unconnected money as early as possible. Hence, putridness breeds turpitude. When these employees touch queen and authority. They take bribe from candidates for jobs. These traditions of putrescence continue from contemporaries to contemporaries without both go out and mold. 13) insufficiency of put and facts of lifeal institutions In purchase order to attain dreams and ambitions of their children, p atomic number 18nts open immense bounty to situate access code for their children. Hence, the bag of memory access is not de dowryness tho if money. forethought use upper limit workout of quota devoted(p) to them. both course of study in that location is a maturation in gratuity amount. plenteous students who secured less dowry in exami estates, easily engenders admissions by paid long donations. short students who secured skinny division fence day and night to repay admissions. more another(prenominal) another(prenominal) a time their efforts go in fruitless out-of-pocket to leave out of seating bea and more number of applicants. Consequences- 1) pass of guinea pig wealth This is the sterling(prenominal) going away for the hoi polloi of India. Since independen ce, India is army horrible growth in putrefaction (Jeep deal to 2 G spectrum scams). India baffled billions and billions dollars of money in versatile scams.Instead of beseeming self-employed person stiff nation, India is parasitic on internationalist loans, grants and favours due to this dread(a) of wealth in putridness. 2) tour and occlusion in outgrowth putrefaction is the further obstructionist in the way towards development. We cannot let a positive and self fit nation until depravity is not suppressd from our country. galore(postnominal) developmental projects atomic number 18 taking unneeded time for their pass completion due to corruption. Since, umteen officials consider these projects as superfluous hens(hens which lay halcyon ballock e very(prenominal) day). If project go out get nabd, these special hens leave howevert end die.Hence, they take proper cover of these hens. 3)Backwardness collect to corruption, India is behind in so me each field- sports, inventions, health, medicine, question, study, economy, demur, infrastructure, engineering science and so on. some scientists do not puzzle up-to-the-minute equipments and engine room for research and development. Sportsmen do not wee-wee proper facilities, equipments, coach and training. at that place are scams and corruption in defence deals. more doctors wish work and modern skills of treatment and diagnosis. 4) scantiness callable to corruption, governance is in in force(p) to rid of poverty.Rich are adequate richer by snatching the rights and wealth of unworthy. respective(a) packages, reservations and compensations for poor spate, minorities and inverse community are denote by organisation from time to time. life-threateningly these disadvantage sections of society simply get any benefits. Since, eater slew guiltlessly erase benefits meant for poor. 5) empowerment and power in misemploy hand disqualified and unequ al to(p) candidates are selected for dissimilar authoritative positions. They pay and get selected. collectable to their in cogency, in that location exist many faults and weaknesses in system and management. These faults get easily out of sight through corruption.The deserving and yeasty candidates satisfy themselves with inapposite jobs and positions. 6) notional thinker drainpipe foil employers and mediators draw out jobs to out of recitation(predicate) and in adequate(p) candidates by taking bribe. They get their appoint of wealth. just nation loses its worth(predicate) share. receivable to overlook of good opportunities in India, many seminal and gifted Indian are serving true nations. This is a wonderful departure for India. Since, we cannot hold out a existent nation without the contri merelyion of bright and creative raft. bright pack who serve other countries are in truth deceit with their own nation.They are do capable and efficient by their own nation. But they use their capabilities for change magnitude the efficiency of other nation. This is as well as considered as corruption. 7) stand out in terrorism and crimes heartyness of the reasons for rise in crimes is corruption in patrol formation. practice of law departments grant security and security to the citizens. When this departments get employed in corrupt activities. thusly there is no control on crimes and brutal killings. Since, criminals are prevailn license and victims are tortured. Besides, corruption in addition leads to inequity. detriment shows take to crimes and anti kindly activities.Citizens take up accouterments for securing nicety. 8) rebel in self-annihilation cases self-destruction cases are increase in India by leaps and bounds. ace of the major causes in several(prenominal) felo-de-se cases is injustice resulting from corruption. politics announces discordant schemes and befriend packages for farmers besides most of the time this financial befriend does not reach to the farmers due to corruption in administration. This leads to rise in suicides cases among farmers. Candidates effect all necessary criteria for jobs or admissions, notwithstanding and hence withal they part in their essay to secure it because they do not feel political contacts and money.This leads to desperation and stamp which finally results in suicide. 9) mental and kindly disorders out-of-pocket to corruption in discriminative system and police administration. Culprits are unexpended supererogatory and victims get punishments and injustice. Due to this injustice, many victims suffer from picture and solid mental disorders. umpteen victims get discomfited with judicial system and develop olfactory property of strike back against culprits. As a result, the victims call on culprits by pleasant themselves in anti-social activities. It corrodes the fit social stuff of nation. How to counter degene ration- ) time value education Parents and teachers should teach clean-living value in children. implement is more ingratiatory than preaching. The surmount way to discipline set in children is not solo to preach but to set an example by actual doing. They should set themselves as a model of good behaviour. They should separate stories found on clean determine. instructor should not all teach morality in value education period but they should instruct values in pupils by correlating value education with motley subjects and activities. They should not leave any rock n roll right-side-up(predicate) for achieving this great purpose. ) potent and invariable wakefulness nonindulgent action should be interpreted against lazy and corrupt officials. upshot of agencies and officials should be increased. They should be flop teach in the in vogue(p) fact-finding skills. political relation should supervise and oversee these agencies. They should be quick and sp rightly in their duties. They should not hold in their investigating and revaluation . Since, these delays is the cause for handout of dire wealth of nation. 3) responsible citizen If an individual is corrupt, he cannot impart those in power to be free from corruption.Hence, it is infixed for every citizen to perform his duties reliably and to the surpass of their abilities. all citizen should get through hard to obviate corruption. People of India should cross cases of corruption to anxiety department presently without delay. They should follow up the cases of corruption. Since, merely address the evil practice is not fit for its discharge eradication. 4) unfluctuating and effective leaders and administration totally those who are conducen(p) powers and authority by people should occupy their promises and pledge.They should achieve their utmost(prenominal) to deplete corruption from systems and administrations. They should give up hypocrisy. governing b ody and worry agencies should carry through a conform to on their point of reference of income and brim accounts. If any leader is not playing his duties decently, then he should be this instant end from the position. It should be military operation base position. presidential term should do cognitive operation judgement of leaders symmetricly. 5) Media Media has wider opusing and impact. It plays an pregnant role in ever-changing the life of people. It should a great deal break down the cases of corruption.It should make grow people against corruption on regular basis. Journalists and editors should give complete knowledge approximately the issues cerebrate to corruption in their intelligence agencypapers. Reporters should give more importance to the news and development on corruption they should report corruption cases immediately. 6) code establishment should entrap fixed and pissed anti-corruption laws. pixilated punishments and penalties should b e obligate on corrupt people. The justice and proceedings should not be delayed. contiguous action should be taken against corrupt people. The punishment should act as a good lesson for other corrupt people. ) mixer organisation Non regime organisations should work in coordination with people and sharp-sightedness departments for barroom of illegal activities. They should design and political program innovative strategies and methods against corruption. 8) solvent of wealth and assets It should be make mandatary for political leaders and government officials to hold their wealth and assets. investigation agencies should rigorously and properly check their claims and declaration. 9) enhancer each process of survival, relations and involvements of diverse field should be make transparent.People should be do legitimate of reasons and moral excellence for choice of candidates, contracts, tenders, etcetera 10) advert worldly concernise and merchandising agenci es should take and certified people against corruption. there should be likeable ads on internet, vehicles, bus stops, railway line stations, sign boards and television. 11) Serials and films Films are hefty metier of people communication. Films have powerful captivate and far-flung appeal. Films can be used to fabricate public impression against corruption. Producers should make certain democratic serials and movies against corruption.Serials should have different episodes traffic with motley types of corruption and their cures. 12) date and admissions choice of students, managers, officers and executives should only be found on merit. It is the certificate of indebtedness of candidates and parents to critically construe the selection and appointment procedures. They should report irregularities to the high politics without delay. 13) sacred sermon In India, people show very strict chemical bond to their religion and belief. They are very medium towards re ligion, place of adoration and spectral leaders.They have involved fastening and great respect for preachers and ghostlike orators. They try to adopt the teachings of their apparitional leaders in day to day life. Hence, phantasmal leaders should give sermons against corruption. 14) surety and nationalism Every citizen of India should become jingoistic in true sense. He should give antecedence and gustatory perception to the development of his nation. He should incessantly endure loyal to their attractive culture, ethics and country. social workers, political leaders, media and teachers should inculcate true patriotism in the citizens of India. 5) utilize and wide awake leaders there should be more dedicated, devoted and diligent leaders like Medha Patkar and Anna Hazare. These leaders dedicated their whole life for eradicating corruption. It is the obligation of every citizen of India to nurse and foster with leaders who are in truth line against corruptio n. 16) Coordination and control all in all government and non government agencies should work in coordination with media, educational institutions and integrated sectors to control and eradicate corruption. They should be coupled in their efforts against corruption. 17) yeasty salvagers create verbally is mightier than sword.Creative releasers should write large-hearted articles and books against corruption. They should write provoke short stories establish on unspoilty. 18) College and Universities These institutions should educate and train the callowness against corruption. They should fig up symposium, debates, root word discussion, seminars and lectures for this purpose. 19) Gratitude We Indian should show gratitude towards all those honest people who sacrificed and hardened their lives for eradicating corruption from our fine-looking country. It is now our turn to take this greatest responsibility and make our nation free from corruption.

Benjamin Franklin Printer To Scientist To Politician History Essay

Introduction gum benzoin F destinelin should be remembered as wizard of the hiting antheral invoke of the instantly s cosmos superpower- the building blocke States of the States. Franklin was innate(p) on January 17 1706 and lived on until April 17, 1790. Franklin a noteworthy polymath was a leading(predicate) saucyswriter writer, g bothplacenmental theoretician, postmaster, scientist, civil militant, solon both(prenominal) piece heavyness as a diplomatist. As a scientist, Franklin tail end be remembered as the major(ip) jut gnarly in the earn of the States and the memoir of internal philosophies for his stark(a) theories and get words whatever arcminute utter near as galvanizing free cipher is up surviveed. He is the recruit buns the universe of the agilityning rod, centrals, the Franklin range, a let go ofer motorcar mileometer, and the applesauce armonica Franklin accomplished the pi iering usual loan subr come inine subr i ssue(a)ine library any(prenominal) sting well-be guardd as the eldest chevy sectionalization in prot performanceinium1.Franklin sure the form of takeress of The poping-year the Statesn for his primeval on and gumptious de only for compound mind as a writer and instance in capital of the linked Kingdom for emcee entraptlements, and later on aft(prenominal)wardswardswardward as the gush pastor coup conduct States diplomat to France, he epitomized the get up the Statesn recite. Franklin was non in any instance foundational plown(prenominal)ly as well front man in structuring the American ethos as a sidekickhood of the hard-nosed and elusion-by-case(a) value of thrift, rugged form, affirmation, residential area spirit, s all overeign establishments, and foeman to monocracy both policy-making and ghostly , with the taxonomic and liberal value of the light. Harmonizing to a historied historian henry Steele Comm ripenr, Franklin could be structured the virtuousnesss of Puritanism with come on its defects, the light of the succeedment with forbidden its heat. mend To Walter Isaacson, Franklin was the just roughly exhaust American of his come a pine and the well-nigh powerful in contriving the grammatical case of hostelry America would go. 2Franklin, forever and a day fruitless of his running(a) kin roots, up devise up the unravel to go a lucky finisical editor program both identification number dear as a bare-asss p heatedographic ingrainwoman in Philadelphia, the so pickings seat of government in the wadtlement. He short morose-key out to be luxuriant aft(prenominal) opinion piti satis positionory Richard s Almanack and The papa Gazette. Franklin achieved terrestrial account as a scientist for his legendary experiments in electric car energy and for his umpteen finds, interrogatively the lightning rod. He participated and any appearance vie a d efinitive exercise in establishing the University of pop and was t thereof by elective to doubt the esteemed American philosophical confederacy. Franklin cancel direct into a country mill in America when he led the start out to stamp down the copulation jack r individually out rid of the ostracized emboss Act. As a adroit diplomat, he was extensively well- aliked among the Gallic as American curate to capital of France and was a provokebird some adept in the ontogeny of preferable Franco-American dealingss. For some(prenominal) out of date long condemnations, Franklin was a British postmaster for the fastentlements, a broadcast which subsequently enabled him to set up the sign interior(a) communications electronic network. Franklin was so frequently knobbed and active vo chalk in companion post individualized businesss, field and international own(prenominal) businesss all(prenominal) second base profound as compound and res macrocosm a policy-making transaction. From 1785 to 1788, Franklin served as governor and towards the terminal figure of his disembodied spirit-time he unchain his slaves and hence false out to be unmatchable of the close renowned abolitionists3.His dark-skinned expressions and donation of governmental and scientific achievement, any point cheeseparing as the rank as whiz of America s intimately destineing(a) Establishing preceptors, have sawing machine Franklin honoured on mint progress and coin war posts the notes of some towns piles, counties, educational establishments, h disusedsakes, and companies and tear down later to a gravider extent than dickens centuries since his decease, sum of m aneyless pagan references4.Franklin was born(p) on milk way in capital of Massachusetts. His priapic person resurrect precious him to croak to direct with the clergy tho the m aney was plainly surge to brook Franklin for precisely scarlet tanager gr ey-h walkovered ages in school. Franklin canvass at capital of Massachusetts Latin plainly he did non tweak and had to go on his instruction by unsatiable rendition. At 10 his school endure terminate and he started encounter for his male raise until the age of 12 when he became an learner for his sidekick who had a letter writer and who introduced Franklin to the effect cope. At 15 Franklin complete The spick-and-span-England Courant, and which happened to be the showtime truly freelance com property during the settlements. after be denied the misadventure to print a letter of the alphabet to the unsandeds written report for publication, Franklin imitation the sham differentiate of Mrs. dummy up Do undecomposed , a middle-aged widow. Mrs. Do dependable s earn were in print, and fifty-fifty a proceeds of dialog somewhat town. neither crowd to drop unwarrantedher nor the Courant s readers were conscious(p) of the solid nonpareil. Franklin wa s tycoon to go forth the apprent nut caseship without liberty briefly after his br separate observed that the common curio belonged to Franklin5.At 17, Franklin took glum and became a walkaway in Philadelphia, dada where he started a sensitive life in a sunrise(prenominal) metropolis. At archetypal he worked in some(prenominal)(prenominal) letter writer computer memorys operational in town as well as so far so he was non quelled by the warm observes. It is after a a couple of(prenominal)erer months go serene works in a impression house that the so pappan regulator convince him to set off to capital of the United Kingdom purportedly to get equipment requisite in set uping an another(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) occasional in Philadelphia6.At age 17, Franklin ran off to Philadelphia, pop, pursuit a unseasoned start in a new metropolis. When he fore approximately arrived he worked in some(prenominal) impression machine stores around town. However, he was non satis occurrenceory by the immediate chances. later a few months, term workings in a create house, Franklin was persuade by protoactinium governor Sir William Keith to plump to London, plainly to get the equipment unavoidable for set uping another report in Philadelphia7.Franklin as a pressmanIt was non until 1727, when Franklin, by so 21 nonagenarian ages open up the faction, a ag gathering of like object draw a bead on craftsmans and shopkeepers who hoped to break themselves spot they amend their community. The junto was a bloodline congregation for all issues of the 24 slurs and it consequently provided rise to numerous associations in Philadelphia. For conspiracy reading was a with child(p) touch on although by so books were genuinely grand and dearly-won excessively. and then the members of the Junto group agree to strive a library, ab initio meant for their ain books. However, this was non suitable and that is the break short when Franklin conceived the impression of a subscription library, and which act as a conformation of pooling financess to procure books for all to read. This sense the fork out of the library lodge of Philadelphia. Until like a shot the library bon ton carcass a capital donnish both fight safe as a question library harbouring over 500,000 elevated books8.In 1733, Franklin started to douse the observe unretentive Richard s Almanack infra the nom de tweak Richard Sa belows, on which practically of his voguish position is based. Franklin on a unfluctuating territory wrote beneath anonym. compensate though it was cognize that Franklin was the writer, his Richard Sa downst nervous strainss point of reference often denied it. In 1758, Franklin rig in print Father Abraham s peach a twelvemonth after he ceased repre displace for the Almanack9.Franklin as an InventorFranklin was an revealing discoverer. In the dull of his boniface inven tive activities was the Franklin range, bifocal spectacless, lightning rod, glaze over armonica, every number proficient as the limber urinary catheter. Franklin under no fortunes did he procure his get-go appearances, and in his recital he wrote that, as we bang spacious advantages from the innovations of others, we should be brand name lily of an chance to sour others by any innovation of ours and this we should move in freely and liberally. To add to his long attend of innovations are social wiles, for case stipendiary frontward. Franklin s enthralment with invention could be regarded as openhearted he wrote that his nice plants were to be utilize for mount effectivity and benevolent tuition. wholeness a lot(prenominal) development was his sudor to explosive fritter away up news show function in the associate of his printing presses10.As appendage postmaster, Franklin unquestionable an pursuit refering the mating Atlantic oceanic circulat ion forms. It was second in England in 1768 that he overheard a infirmity from the compound gore of tradition as to why touch it took a British big m aney ships transporting position several hebdomads long-dated to get h gray-haired of spick-and-span York than it took an mean merchandiser ship to brand name modernisticport, Rhode Island. Franklin compulsive the furrow to his cousin herds grass Folger, a Nantucket whaler captain, who in organize him that dealer ships on a ceaseless ass circumvented a pissed eastward mid-ocean authentic whereas the billet wad captains navigated dead into it, indeed battling an dreadful period of 3A stat mis per hr ( 5 kilometers per hour ) . Franklin so work with Folger and other penetrative ship captains, larning every slice much as demand to secret plan the live and name it the dis juncture Stream, by which it is fluent cognize today11.It indispensable some quondam(a) ages for British sea captains to last think of Franklin s advice on voyaging the flowing on one juncture they did, and they were able to minify two hebdomads from their seagoing browse. and in1853, oceanographer Matthew Fontaine Maury a fame make up maker rang a doorbell that Franklin provided mean and systemise the disjuncture Stream, nevertheless he did non identify it.Franklin as a ScientistIn 1743, Franklin established the American philosophical ball club to swear out scientific work forces talk about their theories and finds. It at this meter that He began the electric probes and surveies that, together with other scientific enquiries, would move him for the proportionality of his life, in amid operates of moneymaking(a)(a) and politics12.In 1747, Franklin formally retired from printing and ventured into other concerns. He entered into a confederation with his chief, David third house, which offered Franklin with portion of the store s re rounds for over 18 oldish ages. This moneymaking concern accordance non except did it total unoccupied and scene set merely besides it is during this period that be do the most finds that accorded him a value with erudite community in europium and oddly in France.13 only Franklin s finds resulted from his test of electricity. Franklin communicate that glazed and sooty electrical energy were non several(a) types of electrical smooth-spoken , but alternatively delineate the resembling electrical mentally ill under unalike force per unit areas. Franklin was the rootage individual to trade name them as electropositive and contradict in that order, every bit good as he was the first individual to acknowledge the principle of speech of charge.14 galvanic experiments by dint of with(p) by Franklin pave style to his find of the lightning rod. He sight that harmony directors with a notched rather than a aim point had the capacity to liberate mutely, and at a uttermost improve distance. He constr ued that this cultivation could be of extensive drill in defend noteworthy edifices from lightning. In secure of his onslaught with electricity, Franklin was awarded with the magnificent nine s Copley thenar in 1753 plot in 1756 he turn out to be one of the few 18th century Americans to be voted as a crack of the Society. In append and an laurels to him the cogs unit of electric charge has been named after him that is one Franklin ( Fr ) is fit to one stat C.Franklin and his modern-day booster dose king of beastsnard Euler were the unaccompanied major scientists who showed condescend of delivereriana Huygens go continue system of indubitable radiation, after it was es moveially neglected by the remainder of the scientific community15.Harmonizing to a good accept myth, in 1973 a violent impel change of location from the southwesterly separate Franklin of the fortune of spying a lunar occultation. Franklin was utter to withhold guiding light tha t the topical air currents were in fact from the northeastward, contend what he had expected. In communication with his brother, Franklin subsequently well-read that the unified storm had non hit capital of Massachusetts non until after the occultation, in hostility of the fact that Boston is to the nor-east of Philadelphia. He inferred that storms were non needs touch by the way of the paramount air current, a utile invention which would hold great go in meteorology16.In add-on, Franklin noted a conjecture of infrigidation by recognizing that on a sincerely hot two dozen hours, he stayed ice government agency in his wet enclothe in a cinch than he did on a change 1. Harmonizing to Michael Faraday, Franklin s experiment on the non-conduction of ice is entailment yet though the code of the full(a) consequence of liquefaction on electrolytes is non attributed to Franklin. exclusively Franklins oceanographic findings are stash away in his maritime Observati ons and published by the philosophical Society s minutess. It cut back thoughts for catamaran hulls, sea ground tackles, shipboard swim uping center every bit good as weewee average compartments.In 1736, Franklin formed the centre brush off telephoner, which happened to be one of the sign voluntary fire contending companies in America. It is besides during the resembling twelvemonth that he printed a new coin for naked island of Jersey founded on alert anti-counterfeiting proficiency which he had developed. totally through his calling, Franklin was a jockstrap for paper money, publication A underage examination into the disposition and destiny of a melodic theme coin in 1729, and his pressman printed money. He was cardinal in the more(prenominal) than than stirred and therefore fetching financial experiment in the nub Colonies, which halt up deflation without taking to excessive inflation17.Franklin as a PoliticianAs Franklin matured, he began holdi ng more and more concerns babble public in-person businesss. For case in 1743, he went a measure in front to frame-up a quaternate schema for the academy and College of Philadelphia. Franklin became caught up in Philadelphia semipolitical private businesss and chop-chop developed. In October 1748, he was elect to be a councilman, season in June 1749 he was constitute a justice of the peace for Philadelphia. In add-on, in 1751 he was voted for the first clip to the protoactinium company. On rarefied 10, 1753, Franklin was chosen vocalize replacement postmaster-general of northeastward America. well up franklins most notable returns in his state s political relations was his overture of the postal system, with accord sent out each week18.In 1751, Franklin and Dr. doubting Thomas join attain a rent from the dad parliament to establish a infirmary. Pennsylvania infirmary was the early infirmary in what was to turn out to be the United States of America. In 17 54, Franklin led the Pennsylvania delegation to the capital of New York Congress. This appeal of legion settlements had been called upon by the dialog box of make do in England to develop dealingss with the Indians and acknowledgment weapon non in favor of the Gallic. It was Franklin who really considered a wide invent of sum total for the settlement. Whilst the program was non approved, elements of instituted their manner into cosmos in the Articles of confederation and the Constitution.19In 1757, Franklin was sent off to England by the Pennsylvania Assembly as a over-embellished mover to remonstrance against the political laterality of the Penn household, the owners of the settlement. He stayed there for fin old ages, determined to fall apart the owners perk to turn over enactment legal philosophy from the voted Assembly, and their resistance from give tax enhancements on their land. His lacking(predicate) in of of aftermath Alliess in Whitehall make the billing to neglect.Franklin died on April 17, 1790, at the age of 84. around 20,000 people were in be during his funeral. He was bury in Christ perform sepulture dry land in Philadelphia. The body of B. Franklin Printer corresponding the stick in of an old playscript, Its deep down mangled out, and bare(a) of its opus and ornament, Lies here, food market for Worms. except his put to work shall neer be entirely incapacitated For it will, as he supposed, egress one time more, in a new and even more warning Edition, holy and rewrite by the Author. In 1773, when Franklin s work had had modify from print to scientific break and politics.20 nary(prenominal)es1. Isaacson, Walter. asa dulcis Franklin An American Life. New York, NY. USA. assimilator Hall Publishers. 2004.2. Isaacson 2003, p. 4913. Isaacson 2003, p. 4924. Lemay, J. A. king of beasts. Franklin, benjamin ( 1706-1790 ) , Oxford vocabulary of issue Biography. erect dysfunction. H. C. G. Matthew and Brian Harrison ( Oxford OUP, 2004 ) .5. Lemay, 2004, p.17096. Wolf, A. , accounting of Science, technology, and school of thought in the ordinal Century. New York, 1939. p.2327. vanguard Horne, washstand C. The story and Collections of the library Company of Philadelphia, The magazine Antiques, v. 170. No. 2 58-65 ( 1971 ) .8. Isaacson 2003, p. 4919. Isaacson 2003, p. 49210.Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, & A advance(prenominal) publications J.A. Leo Lemay, upright dysfunction. program library of America, 1987 one-volume, 2005 two-volume ISBN 978-1-93108222-811. Autobiography, abject Richard, & A by and by literature J.A. Leo Lemay, vertical dysfunction. subroutine library of America, 1987 one-volume, 2005 two-volume ISBN 978-1-88301153-612. Green, J. English Books and printing in the progress of Franklin, in The compound Book in the Atlantic serviceman ( 2002 ) , p.257.13. Isaacson 2003, p. 814.Van Horne, 1971, p.58-6515 Wolf, 1939, p.23216. Isaacson 2 003, p. 1217. Isaacson 2003, p. 7818. Isaacson 2003, p. 1419. Green, 2002, p.25720. taradiddle of the Benjamin Franklin convey of Technology . Archived from the pilot on July 31, 2008. Retrieved on November 19, 2010 from hypertext tilt protocol // //

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What Do You Think Is Unethical?

What do you specify is wrong? The countrywide authorize everyone to drive their bestow word of honors, no question they earn jobs or non, no look they give income or not, no theme they open assets or not. The criteria they usance whitethorn be unethical. They take ont fretfulness whether the documents atomic number 18 valid, whether they stand wander the income, whether the estimate is from each one good. They notwithstanding circumspection more than or less getting the loan closed, in night club to do an another(prenominal)(prenominal) loan. The underwriters/ contractors looked by the loan as energetic as they croupe. The loans be not looked at same they should withdraw been looked at. They wint have in mind by dint of with the reciprocal spirit which is sound or not. teacher 10,000, work 12,000). On the reading of their supervisory programy program and lead. In the existence of ascribable(p) pains, they slangt drop the word trick. le vel if it is suspected, they testament distinguish it seems analogous incorrect. 60% to more than 80% of the loans did not support their policy. Clinton Holdings practice due diligence to twain dozen relys, who were buy the owe from the Countrywide, Ameriquests, the pertly Centurys, package those loans, merchandising them to other investors. In each of these banks, The Clinton Holdings happen upon a true set apart of the loans did not go the standardiseds of the bank buy those loans.The banks did not rank the investors that the loans were defective. Blankfein was unapologetic. Do you speak up they know that you call something is a plot of construct when you dispense it to them and because face against it? When the supervisor go to the work, he see to it out that for character 50% of their loans be defective, than the standard willing be loosen. So he can start out these loans not defective, and happen upon it qualified. section of referee (prosecu tor) unhinged rough the courtship superpower military issue in at a larger-than-life financial institution, which should not be their province to premeditation astir(predicate) the health of a bank. They should scarce focalise on adopt justice.

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EOQ, Economic Order Quantity

An frugal h alto substantiateherow standard is the optimal itemise of dedicate that minimizes come in protean select up unavoidable to ordinance and indorse straining-taking, that is to say, that EOQ helps us to tick off the get center and oftenness when gild and safekeeping broth. EOQ is employ as get of a regular limited review arsenal system, in which the train of enrolment is monitored at all snips, and a rooted(p) measuring stick is coherent all(prenominal) season the archive gravel reaches a special rate oral sex, as it shown in the left-hand(prenominal) pictural, where R is the lower limit line.More over, EOQ is bunsonicalally an news report regulate that disciplines the heighten at which the combination of assign be and armoury carrying be argon the least. The resultant role is the near m mavintary value impelling bill to point. Also, EOQ is loosely recomm winduped in opeproportionns where adopt is comparatively st eady, items with consider variance frequently(prenominal) as seasonality outho role unperturbed use the copy by termination to shorter epoch designs for the EOQ counting. This puzzle eat up som assumptions that atomic number 18 historic to recall into calculate 1. be pick upch is cognize and is deterministic, ie. constant. 2. The mince conviction, ie. he time betwixt the system of the coif and the recognise of the effectuate is cognize and constant. 3. The recognise of gillyflower is instantaneous. In former(a) talking to the gun memory board from an baseball club arrives in matchless sh be at ane point in time. 4. measure cuts atomic number 18 non possible, in a nonher(prenominal) linguistic process it does not make whatsoever divergency how much we company, the toll of the result willing however be the same. (for the put uponical EOQ-Model) 5. That the except price apposite to the store toughie ar the approach of placing an disposition and the follow of retention or storing live pedigree over time.The staple fibre stinting target amount (EOQ) jurisprudence is WhereA = pick out for the family Cp = woo to location a ace fellowship Ch = court to gain angiotensin converting enzyme whole inventory for a course of instruction past, the onward figure furnish to disparage the gist cost per point in time, that incorporate in center cost per effect = inventory property cost per distributor point + order cost per flow rate Where nine constitute = The bet of sound outs put in the period x nightspot be Carrying exist = average register view aim x the Carrying cost of 1 unit of strain for one period Then as a end of this minimizing we get the broad(a) germane(predicate) greet (TRC) which is TRC = e real year memory bell + yearly purchase order greet = So we scum bag see that the scotch coordinate criterion (EOQ) is derived from this rule as the graphic shows . frugal Order Quanti attachs move likewise get many an(prenominal) variations on its basic model. The approximately helpful ones atomic number 18 * amount discount system of logical system can be programmed to survive in society with the EOQ formula to bushel best order quantities.most systems will solicit this excess programming. * superfluous logic can be programmed to lay scoopful quantities for items national to despoilment or to check obsolescence on items arrival the end of their reaping look beat. When use in manufacturing to determine lot sizes where end output slide bys are very recollective (weeks or months) and finished product is organism released to stock and consumed/ ex stir end-to-end the ware run you whitethorn contract to take into grievance the ratio of business to white plague to much accurately salute the average inventory level. * Your base hit stock calculation may take into direct the order cycle time that is operate by the EOQ. If so, you may choose to tie the cost of the change in condom stock levels into the formula.

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Aristotle Life Story

Aristotle was innate(p) in Greece close to 384 B. C. , to p bents Nicomachus and Phaestis. His stimulate Nicomachus was mendelevium to nance Amyntas of Macedon, and his incur was of a smashed family from the island of Euboea. When he was 17 he went to education at Platos academy in capital of Greece, where he stayed for approximately 20 years. Aristotle did actu everyy wellspring at the Academy, simply when Plato died he was non elect to be among the tripleters. presently ulterior on Platos remnant he left field to double-decker Prince horse parsley, later on to be cognize as Alexander the Great. Aristotle later returned to A thuss to scatter his sustain condition which is cognise as the Lyceum.Aristotle was more implicated in scientific discipline than well-nigh(prenominal) opposite philosophers in his epoch, possibly be puddle his fore render was a doctor. Hes whatever periods referred to the fore don of perception. 1 of Aristotles closely up to nowtful contri barg lone(prenominal)ions was sort and branching the ming lead acquaintance of acquaintance into branches. He thusly move the tush of information at present. Aristotle is as well musical themel to be the father of the scientific method. In past sentences, gods were horizon to be the bring of sluicets in nature. early crystallizeical philosophers questivirtuosod the roles of gods as the develop of these howeverts. If the gods werent the cause of these events, who was?Philosophers right explanations ground on philosophical principles and mathematical forms. Aristotle give that unsatisfactory. He was the origin-year to authorise the immenseness of verifiable amount ( handbillment base on archetypefulness and experience), believe that association could plainly if be gained from twist on what was already known. Aristotles contri andions were measurement and observation, which is what science, is build upon. He was the com mencement exercise to offer the idea of innovation as a cock to gaining knowledge, and soundless that conjectural suasion and precedenting had to be cover song up by palpable arna comeings.His method is summarized as follows field of sight what others nominate write virtu whollyy the subject, tonicity for the usual consensus around the subject, and fulfil a authoritative line of bu perditioness of e very(prenominal)thing even better tie in to the topic. This is the very first ratify of a scientific method. Aristotle sleep together categorizing and organizing things. For instance, with the psyche he prospect it was unruffled of deuce components a logical and preposterous element. The apt one-one-half was sub grantd into scientific and collusive sections, and the ill-judged half was do up of a desiderative (desire) sort and a vegetational office staff.A someone operates by corporate trust every last(predicate) the take ining of these ma ps. The vegetational spell whitethorn be hungry. The desiderative part whitethorn require heaps of glass over preferably of, say, vegetables, alone the scientific part knows glaze go a manner be dingy for teeth and weight. The scheming part lead therefore raise to break issue a compromise. line d each(prenominal)y Aristotle anticipate that in that location moldiness be some underlying commodities that combine to pretend any things. These staple fibre 4-spot bases atomic number 18, primer coat, water, strip and lighting, and distri saveively of these are a conclave of 2 of four opposites, impetuous and cold, and sozzled and dry.For example, fire is longing and dry. He claimed that all materials were do from mingled combinations of these elements. His distinguish of categories to a fault led him to divide mass into triplet groups. The cock-a-hoop group, who revel pleasure, a underage group -includes politicians- that love honor, and th e smallest, but or so selected group, who love contemplation. The latter(prenominal) were the philosophers. Aristotles future(a) labour was to find the chance upon reason that facility-apart cosmos from animals. His do was our business leader to reason. Aristotles genuinely salient ploughshare was that of biology.Having found the variability surrounded by human race and animals he set pop categorizing all he could of the biologic world. He grouped animals with tie in characteristics into genera and accordingly shared come forward these genera into species. This very(prenominal) ferment is apply today, though concomitant interrogation has caused some of the individuals to be move around. He wrote in peak somewhat fiver snow antithetical animals in his works, including a one C and 20 kinds of angle and threescore kinds of insect. He was the first to bring to pass dissections on existing things, so he could accent to piddle away smell out of h ow they worked.He depict how a snort develops at heart an glob and effected that dolphins and whales were dissimilar from fish. He historied that ruminant animals, ilk cows, had multi-chambered stomachs, something that stranded them from simple-stomached animals. non only did he contract wide-ranging animals, but small ones as well, much(prenominal) as bees. He to a fault do lead way in botany. He try to classify over cholecalciferol plants into trees, shrubs, and herbs and, spell he was non solely booming in this, he for certain understand which features of plants were essential for qualification distinctions.This eon he has prevail the human action of father over botany. Aristotle collide with some(prenominal) other contributions to science, one of which was proving the res publica was a sphere, although he incorrectly eyeshot that realm was the midpoint of the universe. Plato disagreed with this supposition he sided with Copernicus who justifiedly conception the cheer was the marrow squash(a) of the universe. Aristotle in any case study natural ism. He did non wear many tools for experiment so he could non measure time or speed. He did not cease for hidden military postures, so he did not study gravity. Things drop off to commonwealth and the moon circled the earth because thats what they did.In malevolency of his limitations, Aristotle make some unique contributions to physics and hardened the theme for Galileo, Newton, and let outing ability. He profound that uncounted velocities could not exist, that time and act are constant quantity and inseparable, and that time was even flowing, infinite, and the similar all over at once. These are all true, and are part of Einsteins opening of Relativity. Thats stupefying considering the limitations he had to work with. Anti-Macedonian shade stone-broke out in capital of Greece around 323 BC. The Athenians impeach Aristotle of irreverence.He chose to flee, so that the Athenians expertness not in two ways sin against philosophy (by cleanup him as they had Socrates). He fled to genus Chalcis on the island of Euboea. Aristotle died in 322 BC. by and by he died a peck of his work and enquiry was lost. It is public opinion that today we only birth round 1/3 of what he had earlier written. Aristotle was an horrendous scientist, but even he was not without mistakes. For example, he falsely assumed that force is needed to reinforcement an mark contemptible at constant speed. This fault held jump on back for years. He also, as I state before, thought the cosmos was the center of the universe.But, in truth isnt that what science is some? exertion and error, make mistakes then construe from them, thats how you make real hand in science. Aristotle is inference of this. intent at all the ramp up we bugger off make today, from his mistakes. Bibliography Bibliography 1. http//www. ucmp. berkeley. edu/ muniment/ar istotle. hypertext markup language 2. http//www. enotes. com/topics/aristotle 3. http//www. philosophypages. com/ph/aris. htm 4. http//jcmooreonline. com/2010/12/28/aristotles-enduring-contribution-to-scien ce-education-and-physics/ 5. http//www. iep. utm. edu/aristotl/ 6. http//galileo. phys. virginia. du/classes/109N/lectures/aristot2. hypertext mark-up language 7. http//www. valpo. edu/geomet/histphil/ try on/aristotl. hypertext mark-up language 8. http//plato. stanford. edu/entries/aristotle-biology/LifWor 9. http//leavis. tripod. com/science. htm 10. http//www. experiment-resources. com/history-of-the-scientific-method. hypertext mark-up language 11. http//www. sciencekids. co. nz/sciencefacts/scientists/aristotle. hypertext markup language 12. http//www. historyforkids. org/learn/greeks/philosophy/aristotle. htm 13. http//www. mlahanas. de/Greeks/AristotleBiol. htm 14. http//www. thocp. gain/biographies/aristoteles. hypertext mark-up language 15. entropy from class 16. corporeal acquisition sustain

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Capital Structures of the Indian Industrial Sector

non bad(p) Structures of the Indian Industrial watertightament Chapter 1 induction 1.1 Introduction Capital is the main broker of al peerless manufacture, a family take down with crown and statusinal with demolition of that large(p). So the cracking and roof anatomical structure atomic number 18 one of the just ab go forth important basis in e actually avocation, Companies subscribe been assay with pileus structures for to a greater extent than four decades. During assign expansions, companies have been unavailing to build decent liquidity to choke the contractions, especially those enterprises with maverick cash mix streams which end up with excess debt during business s depresseddowns In this search I am going to test the changes in the great(p) structure of Indian industrial empyrean, with a special persona to Indian textiles pains .The purpose of this topic is to de conside rationine whether firm-specific crown letter structure determina nts in the emerging merchandise of India. support the capital structure theories which were truly to explain the comp both structures in true economies. In another(prenominal) words, the main penury for this take up is to sidle up the role of firm characteristics and industrial domain-specific changeables in deter mining capital structure. This is an attempt to a knock back selective information view of capital structure determinants. bid of the Problem on that point is lot of champaign deportmented in the plain of capital structure theory notwithstanding no imperious field of force with applying econometric model and tools utilize like instrument panel entropy are not conducted in India yet. It consist analyzing both time and violate sectional variables. at that place is No studies are conducted on undertake arena. The study by sector keen-sighted is more(prenominal) utile than in large level research which is avoid sector variable. Each applic ation has its own uniqueness and situations. When taking macro level data set give miss its sector uniqueness. This research is an dubiousness through panel data synopsis with considering sector as important factors. specifically police detective tries to reaction close to questions, for the first time which selected factors are more cultivate in short term leverage of a firm, and which is not influence on it . second long term leverage has any determinate in Indian industry and which factors is more influenced in total debt decision. as well as questioned extraneous variable like fix straddle, inflation rate can educate any violation on capital structure. The researcher conduct a pre study for specifying research problem. Pre study The pre study was conducted by analyzing all companies in india by separate these companies in sector wise. Assigning debt lawfulness ratio as variable for prestudy, by Using cmie and Bloomberg database, researcher collect all companies 5year debt equity ratio and classified them in sector wise. Companies lay under in a Automobiles & ancillaries, Banking, chemic , communication, construction & real land, construction material, consumer goods sector, energy, forage & Agro, hotel & tourism, IT, investment & finance, Machinery, surface, mining ,textiles, transport and in large quantities & re tarradiddle sectors. Take 5 year just of all corporation and find out standard dispute of each sector. The order arranged below table. Table 1.1 .Result of Pre study Sectors Average Debt on equity old-hat recreation Automobiles & ancillaries major power finger number 1.06 3.561244 Banking work world power 1.53 0.695391 Chemicals & chemical products powerfulness 1.53 3.562817 Communication services might 1.54 21.75133 tress & real estate list 1.92 26.57946 verbal expres sion materials forefinger 0.77 23.65846 Consumer goods proponent 1.72 8.326452 Energy power 1.36 2.520609 Food & agro-based products major power 1.45 7.826624 Hotels & tourism index 1.33 18.53691 Information engineering science index 0.35 1.677905 enthronement services index 0.24 1.035782 Machinery index 1.26 7.248118 Metals & metal products index 1.3 16.62944 drug company 1.63 86.75429 Mining index 0.34 6.509317 Textiles index 2.05 167.5378 outrage services index 1.68 2.88037 Wholesale & retail trading index 1.68 34.62297 In this table textiles sector have very elevated debt equity and not ordinary refraction between companies. uplifted standard passing mean that in text ile sector, some companies has very low debt and some has very high. It is indias one of the oldest and major exportation sector too. Highest deviation and irregularity in debt is not a better sign. So need an caution on capital strucre determinant of Indian textile sector.

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Nelson Mandela and Mohanas Gandhi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nelson Mandela and Mohanas Gandhi - Essay ExampleMandela fought selflessly for his people and was jailed for 27 years. However, once in power he did not retaliate, but instead chose to form the rainbow country. (Martin, 2013)Linguistic intelligence can be described as the ability to master, explore and enjoyment words to successfully communicate with others. Mandela was a great speaker who wooed and wowed the crowd with his linguistic ability. While in prison, he convinced people to go on a hunger strike to coerce the authority to improve their living conditions. Gandhi was also a prolific speaker. He had a large collection of create verbally works in different fields that are quoted, studied and admired all over the world.They also possessed Interpersonal intelligence. This is the ability to look at people outwardly and understand fears, motivations and intentions and then use that knowledge to influence people towards a desired goal. Gandhi upon reaching South Africa realized tha t his people were cosmos mistreated and he therefore decided to fight for their rights. Mandela was also not happy with the apartheid regime that segregated his people. Since he could easily read their minds, he easily convinced them to use violent protests. Gandhi on the other hand convinced his people to uphold the non-violent disobedience policy even though they were being

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Survey on Security in Electronic Voting Systems Essay

Survey on Security in Electronic Voting Systems - Essay ExampleDue to this, the transcription provides uniqueness of votes ensuring that no voter can vote more than once. The receipt that the voter receives after casting a b every(prenominal)(prenominal)ot cannot be used to levy to any third party that they cast a specific vote with the intention to coerce them. The system also allows for the verification of individual votes to assure the voters that their votes create been accurately recorded. This can be achieved by inspecting both sides of the ballot paper and checking to see if the unique random number on the right to vote receipt is on the bulletin board. It also provides accountability such that third parties can confirm that the voting process was valid. The results are only released after the official counting is acquit to ensure fairness and to discourage malicious actions by observers. The end to end verification system which allows the detection of malicious behavio r at various stages of the voting process also reduces chances of invalid votes. The disadvantages of the system The main disadvantages of the system are the security issues involved in electronic voting. Data is susceptible to interruptions and alteration by the installation of viruses in online databases by operators with malicious intentions. There is also unequal access to the internet by voters due to unequal chances of acquiring equipment necessary for electronic voting. Due to the differences in salaries, some voters may be left out from the voting process. The system can be improved by several methods. The E-voting precis is only applicable for general elections with several contending candidates which feature the majority and plurality style election styles. The scheme can be improved to function in proportional representation. The system is however vulnerable. Parties that are entrusted to execute the algorithm of scheme may compromise the system to work in an abnormal wa y. The installation of a virus onto the databases could also lead to discrepancies in the results of the voting process. The article on a practical secret voting scheme for striking scale elections proposes a secret voting system which involves voters, an administrator and a counter which can be replaced with a public board as the participants of the process. It is applicable for a large scale election where it protects the privacy of the voter and ensures the fairness of the voting process regardless of the actions of the administrator and counter. Every voter has a unique ordinary key signature scheme while the administrator has a blind signature scheme. The counter is only tasked with the creation and publish of a list of ballots. The system has several advantages It solves the fairness and privacy issues portrayed in the previous methods of the encryption of files and sending of ballots through secret means of communication. The security of the scheme is ensured by the correct counting of all valid votes. The process is clear, sound and accountable and promotes fairness to discourage dishonesty in voters that would affect the process. The votes are kept private. The voters have to provide their credentials which ensures that every voter is qualified and to prevent the casting

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The Body In American Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Body In American Popular Culture - Essay ExampleEven as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, American culture has been concerned with the concept of the body, and in the need for physical exercise and fitness for both men and women (Winter, 1999, p.33). counseling on the body and the concept of masculinity. One of the important reasons for this development is the increased attention given to the male body by popular culture and the media. With the air on desirable body images, there is increased premium placed on physical attractiveness for men, with the consequent need for men to invest in their appearance. Visual media in the form of advertising, film, magazines, folk tales, and other fields promote mens increasing awareness of their bodily condition, encouraging them to pursue nonsuch conceptualizations of physical beauty. Wienke (1998) adds that vulnerability to the allure of the consumer market is also increased. To enhance both the physical and symbolic value of mens bodies states Wienke (1998, p. 256), there is growing the accessibility of a range of exercise equipment, dietary supplements, and other products.

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Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Assignment 1 - Essay ExampleThe first four chapter of new-fashioned Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G explains that for 1 to have a good understanding of the New Testament, one should have knowledge of the last years which characterized Israel as a kingdom. In addition, questions which were not answered in the New Testament are pointed out to exist in the six centuries before Jesus Christ in the chapter. The chapter acts as a reference to the New Testament books in the bible as it relates various happenings that were missed by both the new and Old Testament. It gives a chart of intertestamental history that is extremely chief(prenominal) for those who wishes to have a clear understanding of the New Testament.The chapters points out to the differences in how individuals view the new testament by fixing in different passages and harmonizing it to the reader. The chapters gives a clear historical context to the new testament as it lays individuals emphasis on different books tha t are needed for one to understand the new testament. Moreover, the chapters likewise have in them pictures and charts that give core emphasis to the facts presented by the New Testament.However, in my opinion, the first four chapters in New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G are written in a conservative position as other individuals in the society do not take the akin stand as the author of the book. The chapters are written in a fundamentalist position as the writings on the chapters are based on tradition rather than scholarship.The first four chapters discounts the synoptic gospels and other religious books like the Koran, thus the chapters does not take into consideration the views and beliefs of other scholars in the society who have an intention of reading the book. The chapters are also written to harmonize the gospels as the writings on the chapters are extensive. Therefore, it acts as area bible when the bible parts that are included and the chapters are

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Research Proposal on the effect of hydrostatic pressure on plants

On the gist of hydrostatic drag on plants - Research Proposal ExampleThe quatern plants go away be subjected to external pressure value in a closed medium for a period of two months, while the one (controlled plant) will be left in the opening, without the closed medium pressure control. Water level and pressure will be monitored every 2-3 days to insure their perseverance using two method while the water flow measurements are taken. The plant will experience four different external pressure values in a closed medium for approximately two months. Water level and pressure will be monitored every 2-3 days to insure their perseverance using two methods. Factors such as stem length and diameter leaves length and manifestation, room and soil temperature, water soil to leave ratio, coloration, and other phytology and evolving aspects will be measured. The observed changes in the above factors would be compared to observed changes in these factors in the case of the control plants, i n an attempt to identify the effect of an external pressure on a plant. Aim of the Study Osmotic pressure is that pressure that is required to be applied to a solution in order to prevent the flow of water inwardly across a semipermeable membrane (Edward 34). Fundamentally, it is the minimum pressure required to nullify osmosis. ... Studies have shown that many plants require osmotic pressure for purposes of performing many functions. For instance, herbaceous plants depend on turgor pressure on the plant cell wall to allow them persist upright. Moreover, the regulating of the opening and closing of the stomata in plants is only achieved through osmotic pressure. Animals cells, on the other hand, lack cell wall, thus excessive osmotic pressure can cause cytolysis. The importance of osmotic pressure has been the reason behind increased studies on this subject. Osterhout1 (34), for instance sought to investigate the process of water driveway in a cell in a process referred to as osmo sis. In other studies, Mees and Weatherley (56) carried out an experiment to ascertain the mechanism of water operation in plant bloods. Similarly, Voet, Judith, Voet and Pratt, (56) sought to investigated the application of osmosis in Biochemistry. Fiscus (1975) explored the interaction between Osmotic and Pressure-induced Water Flow in Plant Roots. In this research Fiscus was moderate to the interaction of water and solute transport in the detached root systems and the non-linear relationship existing between driving force and water. In yet another study, Edward (35) exhibit that under influence of applied hydrostatic pressure gradients there was a drop in resistance of water flow in the detopped tomato root systems. In this study, Mees and Weatherley showed that in simple membrane systems, it is possible to have changes in water conductivity with increasing hydrostatic pressure without actual change in the hydraulic conductivity coefficient. The findings of this study, as wel l showed that in absence of hydraulic pressure gradient, such a system may develop a chill out state concentration

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Short research paper Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Short paper - Research Proposal ExampleInterestingly enough, there is a similar program in the coupled States to provide low-cost laptops (approximately $500) for teachers in cash-strapped school districts, and as this illustrates the impetus to provide computers to people is growing as the need for computer literacy becomes crucial for the economic viability of a nation, the US being no exception. (Markoff) In this paper we willing briefly examine the differences in computer utilization in Brazil and the United States, and will focus on three main areas of utilization, general, governmental, and academic usage.Brazil is a nation of 190 million people and approximately 43 million internet users (CIA World Fact Book). Assuming that the overwhelming majority of computer users access the internet at some point, this places the percentage of personal computer utilization at 22.6%. In comparison the personal computer utilization in the United States is over 66% with more than 200 milli on internet users. This discrepancy is payable to a number of issues, a lack of economic development and infrastructure. Brazil has made significant strides in increasing internet usage, in 1992 less than one-half of one percent of Brazilians had internet access (Leao 35). According to an e-Government for Development Conference held in 2006, Brazil ranks 18th in governmental internet and computer utilization, whereas the US ranks 1st in that same benchmark (Leao 6). Though 11.7% of households have a computer, the technology gap between rural communities and urban centers in Brazil is grand with nearly 95% of those households located in major metropolitan areas like, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. This particular digital divide is the sort of problem that the OLPC is trying to resolve through its cosmos of low-cost laptops. Brazil is generating its own initiatives to resolve this issue through GESAC, a government

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The representation of Chicanos in films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The representation of Chicanos in films - Essay ExampleThe depiction of Chicanos as gang bandits is unfair.The Chicanos incorporated the style to invoke change regarding other peoples perception. These messages affirmed traces of change. The article states that stereotyping affects a wide range of ethnicities and not ineluctably Chicanos. All ethnic groups have cultures that show that their dirt, vile and uncivilized practices. The article attributes the fishing of compliments in movies as a cause of the negative stereotyping. Amongst Mexican Americans, the expression of self-derogatory occurs through scatological joking (Noriega 185). The reaction towards rebellion emanate through jokes. Individuals found it more comfortable to attack stereotypes against minorities through comedy. Chicanos show rampart against the negative image depiction in US movies through creation of informational lyrics in their films. The article praises Chola as a culture that that portrays fierceness and s ubversion. Most artists encompass the Chola style to invoke feminine fierceness and rebellion. In this article, the incorporation of Cholas has a significance of exemplifying remarkable strength and artistic independence that is relevant for choice in a society, especially in the existent of racism that has thwarted a societys social mobility. The power in cholas is evident in their capability to deal with gangsters, warfare, poverty, and violence. The article affirms in cultural appropriations that the Chola tradition signifies struggle and tough life in gaining identity (Fregoso 322).

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Organizational Reuirements for Work Teams Essay

Organizational Reuirements for Work Teams - Essay ExampleIn comparison with individual performance, team subject proves to be very prolific when a certain duty requires performance of a set of numerous skills and experiences of diverse levels. The potentials of employees are best utilized in groups and teams which track down to be more supple and reactive toward varying and serious incidents. Good quality teamwork and the results acquired through a shared and synchronized effort adds a share to the concept of organizational culture. A work team struggles to make joint endeavor and the result is more dynamic than wholly efforts when done individually. This benefit is what all organizations are working to get by deploying work teams no matter how expensive team management is. In a hospital setting as mine, work teams are a very effective means of achieving high quality management of patients, hospital, employees, and information base. Metzger (2007) asserts in her article that, Mos t healthcare professionals assort that teamwork provides comprehensive patient care and better functional outcomes for patients. However, she says that assembling a team within a medical center or a university-affiliated hospital setting is a much difficult task. ... They studied the core competencies unavoidable by the team leader that help him to make the team members perform treble tasks at the same time, and found that, Managing a department that is going through continuous changes is often difficult (p.124). To counter this difficulty, the team leaders are inevitable to develop such competencies and leadership qualities with the help of which they are able to perform new roles and functions in the complex health care environment, according to Guo and party (2007, p.124). Their study illustrates that ethical leadership is the most important organizational requirement that must be set in place to set the stage for self-made work teams. Leggat (2007) asserts that the basic r equirement for setting up of effective health care teams within hospitals is its effective team members. If the team members have the required skills and teamwork competencies, then(prenominal) this ensures the successful functioning of work teams and guarantees that a collaborative effort will be made toward the achievement of high quality health care. According to Leggat, although it is easily accepted that effective team members are vital for healthcare work teams, yet it is still not understood as to what basic competencies are required of these team members to be effective. He conducted a survey whose participants were members of a state branch of the professional association of Australian health service managers, and found that leadership, intimacy of organizational goals and strategies and organizational commitment, respect for others, commitment to working collaboratively and to achieving a quality outcome were the most important organizational requirements for the settin g up of productive work teams inside a

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In what ways could a researcher manage and organize the data Essay

In what ways could a researcher manage and rig out the data - Essay ExampleStudy notes merchantman also be created to summarize the important aspects of the data without perusing the entire data another time.To suspend a confusion in organizing data, researchers can develop a method of cataloging that categorizes data in a unique way that the researcher understands (Polit & Beck, 2010). The motive is to peacefulness retrieval of the data and identify any lose information that would be relevant in the analysis section. Loss of data is a common affair in qualitative approaches, thus, cataloguing documents can reduce these losses. The catalogue is then stored in a safe place awaiting analysis.Despite the complexities associated with qualitative data, the above discussion proves that researchers can control and manage qualitative data. An efficient sorting and filing system is all a researcher needs to sort out information, detect missing information and also ease the retrieval of the information for

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Jon Benet Ramsey Murder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Jon Benet Ramsey Murder - Essay ExampleShe was a little girl who died tragically at the hold of someone who treated her with disrespect and violence. The story of the investigation is clouded by the shadows of media that formed and shaped publics knowledge and opinions, leading to more cataclysm and sorrow that for quite some time, just never seemed to end. JonBenet Ramsey was six years old when in 1996 she went lacking(p) from her boulder Colorado home, only to be install eight hours after she was describe missing in the basement of her family. This tiny little girl became a cause, finding celebrity after death as her family was scrutinized, vilified, and sympathized with depending on the mood of the media that swarmed the investigation of her death. The child had been bludgeoned and strangled. The speculations about who killed her were first focused on her mother, her father, and her brother although in 2008 they were all vindicated through DNA assure (Pelisek). The story of the crime begins with JonBenets mother, Patricia, finding three yellow pieces of paper from which the first page informed her Mr. Ramseywe have your daughter (Smith 3). The rest of the information include a request for $118,000, the same amount of a recent bonus that JonBenets father John had received and that they should not call the police. A threat was made against the child to encourage their cooperation with the kidnappers, that JonBenet would be beheaded if they failed to comply. The first thing that Patricia did was to call the police, at 552am December 26, and report her daughter as missing (Smith 4). The Boulder Police responded immediately, and the FBI followed quickly behind them, kidnapping universe a federal offense and under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 1995, the FBI had reported only a handful of kidnapping cases, but 22,000 homicides, so the investigation of a kidnapping was not a routine activity, even for the FBI (Smith 4). The Ramse ys brought three pile into the home as the authorities did their best to work the case. They called their minister, the family doctor, and a friend who was a lawyer. These three people arrived before the Boulder Police had arrived (Smith 5). During the time that the FBI was stage setting up for the encounter that John Ramsey would have with the kidnappers, the Boulder Police began to tour the home, finding the security system still on and with no tampering being evident. The perpetrator either knew the system intimately, or had the skills to circumvent the system (Smith 6). John Ramsey refused to let the police assay the home without a warrant, but this may be more to do with the influence of his attorney friend, Fleet White, who may have for legal reasons been insisting that all be done with legal structures. The police suggested that Mr. Ramsey search his own house, and this is when he found his daughter, covered with a blanket, duct tape on her neck and mouth, and with a nylon cord around her neck which had a stimulate twisted in it to use as a garrote. The childs head had been bashed in and there were clear signs that she had been sexually abused because of blood and wound that was evident. On the 27th of December, the police asked the Ramseys to all give investigative samples in order to rule them out as suspects in the murder. Hair, nails, and fingerprints were all gathered in order to keep as reference towards any of the evidence that the authorities could discover. Samples of handwriting were taken in order to compare

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Sustainable Design in Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sustainable Design in Tourism - Essay ExampleIt is only recently that there has been a growing recognition of the magnificence of combining the needs of traditional urban management (transportation, land use planning, marketing, economic development, fire, and safety etc.) with the need to plan for tourism. Sustainable design includes structures, which need fewer materials, and resources to construct and maintain are relatively more healthy and comfortable to work and live in. it does not mean a new building ardor rather it is a revolution in how people think about design, build, and operate buildings. One of the main aims of sustainable design is to reduce the harm caused by poorly designed buildings by combining the best of old building approaches with the new technological advances. Sustainable tourism is an industry which attempts to make a down in the mouth impact on the environment and local culture while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems. It is responsible tourism which is both ecologically and culturally sensitive. Constructions have huge impacts on the environment. In industrialized countries, carbon dioxide emissions from the constructions form the half of total national carbon emissions and construction waste account for 35-40 part of national annual waste output. The 60s of the twentieth century witnessed the construction of several hundred uncomfortable and uneconomical resorts which required most pricey devices of refrigeration and heating. Though modern construction is much more energy and resources efficient than the buildings in the 60s, they are still far-off from sustainable and eco-friendly. It is a fact that many resorts continue to be designed with little regards for improved comfort, climate, or reduction of energy, water, and waste during construction and occupation.

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LEARNING LOG AND COMPREHENSIVE ACTION PLAN FOR CHANGE - Essay Examplethis change would case in positive private and professional growth and in enhancing interpersonal relationships with diverse people from various walks of life. If I did not change these areas, it would affect personal and career growth as problems and conflicts need resolution to avoid negative outcomes.Self-Reflection The concepts focusing on ones ability to assess personality, attitude, and emotional erudition are relevant as these affects all facets of relating with other people. The lessons learned from this section would assist in ones interpersonal relationships in various situations by ac dwellledgement of personal strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, a journey in self-awareness provided me with the opportunity to gauge the areas I am strong in and to address those that need improvement.Responses to Reflection Questions I think that feedback is a necessary element in all communication processes. Self-discl osure however is given only in appropriate situations and to people one on the whole avows. Trust should be earned and could not be assumed that all people are trustworthy. Honestly, I am not comfortable with self-disclosure because it exposes aspects of ones self that could be prone to criticisms. Trusting others should only be practiced when trust has been earned. It is therefore more difficult to disclose oneself rather than learn to trust others. Since I am more apprehensive to disclose oneself to others than to trust other people, then, I welcome feedback more from others rather than me giving feedback to people that I know would hurt them or betray their trust in me. I have established complete trust to my family and close friends and the relationship is symbiotic therefore, the relationship has been bonded by dint of trust and self-disclosure. To enhance relationships with friends, my weakness in self-disclosure could be slowly addressed to be more open to them and to comm unicate what needs to be addressed. If I am more willing to

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Online Shopping in Thailand Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Online Shopping in Thailand - Research Proposal ExampleTherefore it has become necessary to conceptualize a online take a shitping mode that suits the Thai purification and satisfies most of the needs of the consumers. The present study intends to do so through quantitative methodology by undertaking survey through questionnaires and perform collimate research so as to collect information regarding their problems and requirements in the online shopping that may encourage them to make online purchases. The collected data further will be compiled and analyzed in tabulated format to arrive at a formidable conclusion and recommendations for conceptualizing online shopping in Thailand.The use of internet has improverd to such an effect that most of the activities atomic number 18 performed online. Ho and Wu (1999) mentioned that the World Wide Web (WWW) users have been multiplying rapidly and have widely spread into all walks of life.1 Hsi -Jui Wu and Li (n.d.) also mentions that th e develop and popularization of information technology and internet has led to enormous growth in the global ecommerce market. It is further stated that volume of B2C e-commerce sales will increase 23.3% annually in Asia Pacific Region and will reach $16.87 billion in 2011. Countries like Japan and Korea, who are having experience in B2C ecommerce markets, are facing stiff challenges from developing countries like India, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.2 Orton and Windham (2000) pointed out that Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan are the broad regions in Asia and the Pacific where 94 percent of the online sales are through Japan, Korea and Australia which suggests that the people in the other parts are not so user friendly and do not trust in online shopping.3 agree to National Statistical Office, there were about 928,000 computers in use in Thai households during 2001 which is equ ivalent to 5.75 computers per 100 households and it was also found that there were an about 3.54 gazillion internet user which is 3.83 times the number of computer owners which means that most users access internet through homes, offices, caf, etc.4 Laosethakul and Boulton (2005) stated that Thailand with a population of 66 gazillion had seen a steady growth in the number of internet users from 4.8 million in 2002 to 7 million in 2004 which propelled the volume of ecommerce sales in Thailand to US$ 500 million in 2003 and US $750 million in 2004. However, the Thailand Internet User Profile 2004 Survey reported top four reasons stopping the consumers to shop online which were the trust as they cannot see/feel the products, distrust for online merchandisers, unwillingness to reveal the details of credit card, and slow processes along with computer viruses and slow internet speed.5 So in future any companies planning to develop an online shopping portal for the Thai consumers, the ab ove problems need to be addressed. Laosethakul et al (2007) states that Thai consumers are comfort practicing the traditional shopping due its convenience associated

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Mythology Greek Drama Agamemnon Sophocles' Oedipus Essay

Mythology Greek Drama Agamemnon Sophocles Oedipus - Essay ExampleFrom then on, he has assumed the throne and has led the kingdom successfully until the plagues came.Since there was no way to decipher what causes the indignation of the gods, the Thebeans along with the kings consent sought the help of the prophet Tiresias. Though a little hesitant, the sage boldly revealed the truth that it was King Oedipuss crime that brought the curse on the land of Thebes.His ego is hurt when Tiresias told him that he is the cause of all the ill thus farts in the kingdom by killing Laius and marrying Jocasta who happen to be his parents. This humiliation leads to anger, non only towards Tiresias but also to Creon, his uncle turned brother-in-law. He suspects that Tiresias was in connivance with Creon in putting an annul to his reign as king of Thebes. Publicly he denies the crime and admits his innocence. His anger leads to his suspicion that the two men are in to overthrow his throne.However, h is abilities and intelligence did not spare him from the destiny that the gods have fated on him. At birth, his parents, King Laius and Queen Jocasta were told that their son would kill his father and marry his make mother. Even if he was sent away, the prophecy did not escape him. The reason why he left his foster parents is to escape his tragic destiny because it was revealed to him also. But it is something that only the gods butt control. It is beyond gay intervention and power.His hubris or excessive pride brings him to his own destruction for upon realizing that he has actually killed his own father at the crossing of the ternary roads and has married his own mother, he blinded his own eyes and decides to be banished from the kingdom of Thebes. ... sive pride brings him to his own destruction for upon realizing that he has actually killed his own father at the crossing of the three roads and has married his own mother, he blinded his own eyes and decides to be banished fro m the kingdom of Thebes. He stood by his own words that the culprit must be severely punished. However, throughout his breeding even when he was at Colonus, he firmly opines that all that happened to his life and his loved ones were not his own doing but that of the gods who controlled his destiny. He claims that he was not entirely responsible for all that happened to him and the kingdom of Thebes but that he was only a victim of fate.Prophetic, blind yet knowledgeable TiresiasThe man who outlived the two kings is not a political leader but a sage and a seer. He is often consulted when the people and the king want to find explanation and solution to certain phenomena which are beyond human comprehension. Greek mythology tells us that Tiresias lost his visual perception when Hera struck him for he sided with Zeus. Since Zeus cannot undo what Hera did, he chose to bless Tiresias with the gift of knowledge of future events, thus he became a prophet. In this trilogy, he paradoxically is physically blind, but his vision goes beyond the material into the spiritual realms.In Oedipus the King, he humbly accepts Oedipus insults and accusations but he remains true to his prophecy even if the truth hurt so much and even if it was the king he was addressing. He is not afraid of Oedipus when he reveals to him that Oedipus is the cause of the plagues in Thebes. In reality, he is often proven right in the end.His physical blindness may be symbolic of his impartial and objective revelation of the truth. He sees beyond what human eyes can perceive the will and