Thursday, June 13, 2019

In what ways could a researcher manage and organize the data Essay

In what ways could a researcher manage and rig out the data - Essay ExampleStudy notes merchantman also be created to summarize the important aspects of the data without perusing the entire data another time.To suspend a confusion in organizing data, researchers can develop a method of cataloging that categorizes data in a unique way that the researcher understands (Polit & Beck, 2010). The motive is to peacefulness retrieval of the data and identify any lose information that would be relevant in the analysis section. Loss of data is a common affair in qualitative approaches, thus, cataloguing documents can reduce these losses. The catalogue is then stored in a safe place awaiting analysis.Despite the complexities associated with qualitative data, the above discussion proves that researchers can control and manage qualitative data. An efficient sorting and filing system is all a researcher needs to sort out information, detect missing information and also ease the retrieval of the information for

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