Friday, June 14, 2019

Organizational Reuirements for Work Teams Essay

Organizational Reuirements for Work Teams - Essay ExampleIn comparison with individual performance, team subject proves to be very prolific when a certain duty requires performance of a set of numerous skills and experiences of diverse levels. The potentials of employees are best utilized in groups and teams which track down to be more supple and reactive toward varying and serious incidents. Good quality teamwork and the results acquired through a shared and synchronized effort adds a share to the concept of organizational culture. A work team struggles to make joint endeavor and the result is more dynamic than wholly efforts when done individually. This benefit is what all organizations are working to get by deploying work teams no matter how expensive team management is. In a hospital setting as mine, work teams are a very effective means of achieving high quality management of patients, hospital, employees, and information base. Metzger (2007) asserts in her article that, Mos t healthcare professionals assort that teamwork provides comprehensive patient care and better functional outcomes for patients. However, she says that assembling a team within a medical center or a university-affiliated hospital setting is a much difficult task. ... They studied the core competencies unavoidable by the team leader that help him to make the team members perform treble tasks at the same time, and found that, Managing a department that is going through continuous changes is often difficult (p.124). To counter this difficulty, the team leaders are inevitable to develop such competencies and leadership qualities with the help of which they are able to perform new roles and functions in the complex health care environment, according to Guo and party (2007, p.124). Their study illustrates that ethical leadership is the most important organizational requirement that must be set in place to set the stage for self-made work teams. Leggat (2007) asserts that the basic r equirement for setting up of effective health care teams within hospitals is its effective team members. If the team members have the required skills and teamwork competencies, then(prenominal) this ensures the successful functioning of work teams and guarantees that a collaborative effort will be made toward the achievement of high quality health care. According to Leggat, although it is easily accepted that effective team members are vital for healthcare work teams, yet it is still not understood as to what basic competencies are required of these team members to be effective. He conducted a survey whose participants were members of a state branch of the professional association of Australian health service managers, and found that leadership, intimacy of organizational goals and strategies and organizational commitment, respect for others, commitment to working collaboratively and to achieving a quality outcome were the most important organizational requirements for the settin g up of productive work teams inside a

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