Monday, June 10, 2019


LEARNING LOG AND COMPREHENSIVE ACTION PLAN FOR CHANGE - Essay Examplethis change would case in positive private and professional growth and in enhancing interpersonal relationships with diverse people from various walks of life. If I did not change these areas, it would affect personal and career growth as problems and conflicts need resolution to avoid negative outcomes.Self-Reflection The concepts focusing on ones ability to assess personality, attitude, and emotional erudition are relevant as these affects all facets of relating with other people. The lessons learned from this section would assist in ones interpersonal relationships in various situations by ac dwellledgement of personal strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, a journey in self-awareness provided me with the opportunity to gauge the areas I am strong in and to address those that need improvement.Responses to Reflection Questions I think that feedback is a necessary element in all communication processes. Self-discl osure however is given only in appropriate situations and to people one on the whole avows. Trust should be earned and could not be assumed that all people are trustworthy. Honestly, I am not comfortable with self-disclosure because it exposes aspects of ones self that could be prone to criticisms. Trusting others should only be practiced when trust has been earned. It is therefore more difficult to disclose oneself rather than learn to trust others. Since I am more apprehensive to disclose oneself to others than to trust other people, then, I welcome feedback more from others rather than me giving feedback to people that I know would hurt them or betray their trust in me. I have established complete trust to my family and close friends and the relationship is symbiotic therefore, the relationship has been bonded by dint of trust and self-disclosure. To enhance relationships with friends, my weakness in self-disclosure could be slowly addressed to be more open to them and to comm unicate what needs to be addressed. If I am more willing to

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