Saturday, June 15, 2019

The representation of Chicanos in films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The representation of Chicanos in films - Essay ExampleThe depiction of Chicanos as gang bandits is unfair.The Chicanos incorporated the style to invoke change regarding other peoples perception. These messages affirmed traces of change. The article states that stereotyping affects a wide range of ethnicities and not ineluctably Chicanos. All ethnic groups have cultures that show that their dirt, vile and uncivilized practices. The article attributes the fishing of compliments in movies as a cause of the negative stereotyping. Amongst Mexican Americans, the expression of self-derogatory occurs through scatological joking (Noriega 185). The reaction towards rebellion emanate through jokes. Individuals found it more comfortable to attack stereotypes against minorities through comedy. Chicanos show rampart against the negative image depiction in US movies through creation of informational lyrics in their films. The article praises Chola as a culture that that portrays fierceness and s ubversion. Most artists encompass the Chola style to invoke feminine fierceness and rebellion. In this article, the incorporation of Cholas has a significance of exemplifying remarkable strength and artistic independence that is relevant for choice in a society, especially in the existent of racism that has thwarted a societys social mobility. The power in cholas is evident in their capability to deal with gangsters, warfare, poverty, and violence. The article affirms in cultural appropriations that the Chola tradition signifies struggle and tough life in gaining identity (Fregoso 322).

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