Saturday, May 11, 2019

Week 5 Discussion 1 Law Enforcement Research Design and Analysis Essay

Week 5 Discussion 1 Law Enforcement Research Design and Analysis - raise Examplehe fountain for using mixed method as being due to query projects being non-linear but facing unanticipated directions with time which result to changes in the purpose. However, the researcher defines that the legitimate purpose should be retained such that any changes within the research whether consistent, resistant or contrary to the pilot light purpose can aid the researcher to craft them to meet the needs of the original purpose.The author gives examples of the engage of mixed methods theory with a consistent original purpose through the Finn and Achilles (1990) to identify the failure of students to apprise reading and math (Newman, Ridenour, Newman, & Paul DeMarco). This made it possible to draw implications to support the study or the reason for conducting the study. With the results, then it is possible to craft them to meet the needs of organizing school environments.The author advances propositions of the theory through a typology of thinking through the research process using the researchers lens. At any attached time, the researcher should work using only one lens since more than one lens utilise simultaneously results to failure of even good research intent.While the original purpose (independent variable) drives the lens use by the researcher, the resistant, consistent and contrary purposes of study are dependent on it and can only be crafted in line with it.Based on logic theory, the purpose of the study is bound to change owe to unanticipated events but this does not automatically change the original grounded and rooted purpose of the research. In this respect, the original meaning has to remain intact and craft the meaning of the changed

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