Friday, May 10, 2019

W7 Legal Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W7 Legal Discussion - essay ExampleOver the years, different interventions have been used in stopping this situation, including the use of criminal fines and sanctions for offenders. It is just debated in this paper that such criminal fines and sanctions argon not severe enough to prevent health c are fraud.King (2012) outlined different forms of health care fraud that are recorded in various health institutions throughout the country. An important point that King (2012) made while listing the forms of frauds was that as much as the fraud cost the country several billions of dollars year in and year out, the frauds are also very difficult to detect. What this means is that in a situation where there are not very deterring measures to discourage people from engaging in these frauds, they go out continue to do them because of the idea that they will hardly be caught in their wickednesss. In the administration of health care also, prevention has always been historied to be the best way out to dealing with most administrative and clinical issues that come up (Stuart Showalter, 2011). With this said, it is important that there will be stiffer punishment to offenders such that those who have not been gnarly in these acts of fraud will have no motivation of engaging in them (Morris, 2009).Fraud and for that matter crime is an issue that works on a cost-benefit basis. This means that when people have a feeling that by engaging in crime, they get better benefits than what they suffer as a result of being caught, they are likely to repeat their actions. Even if those involved do not repeat their actions, those who have not been involved will have no deterrent not to be involved in it. To this end, it is important to obligate a new approach to preventing providers and organizations from engaging in health care fraud. From a very practical perspective, it is recommended that offender who are found should have their licenses of

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