Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fast Food vesus Home Cooked Food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Fast Food vesus Home Cooked Food - Essay eccentricThe fact of the matter remains that the stead ready food culture has brought about a paradigm shift, which is additive yet quite revealing in the most basic sense, and much thought and consideration inescapably to be paid towards such ranks as far as the future undertakings of the society are concerned. whizz of the most attractive things about devalued food is its convenience. A soulfulness brush aside walk into a fast food store, or take their car through a drive through fast food outlet and, within five minutes they can project their hot, strong tasting repast ready for them to eat. As a nation, people are gener aloney more busy today than forever before, at least in terms of the speed of their lives. As people are constantly hurry around from one place to another, it makes sense that fast food would be more popular. People who guide long hours may not find time to cook a proper meal at lieu, whereas they can visit a fa st food store easily between their other tasks of the day. Furthermore, fast food is convenient as there are so many outlets. Where ever a person is, they usually arent far from a fast food restaurant or drive through. Conversely, home cooked food takes time to prepare. Cooking a meal can be time consuming, as can the shopping for ingredients before the actual cooking commences. Also, some ingredients may not be available in one shop and several shops may need to be visited in order to gather all the required ingredients. This, of course, adds to the time taken to prepare the home cooked meal. Unless a person employs a personal chef in their home, preparing a meal at home is not as convenient as a fast food (Myers).A similarity between home cooked food and fast food is that, depending on the item-by-items preferences, both can taste very nice and can be satisfying to eat. However, scientists have revealed that the high sugar and salt content in fast food can actually

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