Sunday, March 3, 2019

Being a Rich and Fabulous CEO Essay

CIMB Wealth Advisors (CWA) was incorporated in 1990. Since then, they have befitting among the top ranking in the wealth guidance and financial serve industry. It provides a complete financial system with comprehensive solutions for wealth management for their client. On June 6 2013, CWA team successfully carried out a life public lecture for the student of INTI International University & College, Subang Jaya. Everyone can take part in this career berate especially to those who taking business course. The talk bewildered at about 230pm with the master of ceremonies by one of our college student. She gave us a short background of the talk later. The MC then introduced the Vice president of CWA, John Lau. He started to explain to us the topic of the talk.The title of the talk was Being a Rich and Fabulous chief executive officer. The purpose that having this talk with every(prenominal)one is telling us the way and tips to become a successful CEO although just a normal busines s man. Firstly, he explain to us whats CWA helping to us. He also let us cognize how much income that every level class of worker or coach earning every year. Beside that, he told us need to set a terminal for our future. Instead, he let us know what attitude and personality that every successful person that must have. For example, do not order others battalion doing something else, merely the best one is lists to the comment or feedback and do something on it. Every successful CEO or leader must listen to others in order to let other people to listen on you. Become a CEO was a dream of every human, but dream without action, dreams still remains dreams.The speech was finish in 35mins. afterwards that, we having the role playing game. We separated to few small free radicals. The rules was occasion a new company with one CEO. CEO must be chosen in one of us inside the group. Then, we have to spend a penny a new plan for our company. Beside of that, the plan must be deport t he judges to sign up for our plan. The power of teamwork has shown when we giving our best radical to each other. The ability and the spirit of leadership are important for group or maybe a company. This talk help us a lot in what are the ways we need to do when we graduate and also planning our future from now on. There is no such thing as a free lunch, so we must start from the low.

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