Sunday, March 3, 2019

Education as Most Important Factor in Developing Country

Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you withstand? What is actual value of reading today? Nowadays, when our world is constantly developing in the atomic number 18a of economics, and opposite fields theresa strong growing take up in experienced and talented populatewho will be suitable to make signifi corporationt contri providedion in the economy of the countrys sprightliness. Thus, it is important to say that development plays a significant role in the development process of countries.To answer on my question, firstly I would like to point the importance of instruction. In real life, people can go bad without education but education is the quickest and surest way to help people reform their knowledge and to gain experiences. Basic education provides people with a greater understanding of basic daily information about life as well as of their own potential. Higher educationis not obligatory for four-year-old people. Thus, i t means that they have only their experience to go over from.But those people who are longing for obtaining high positions in the society are required to have good knowledge basis. How can education rectify development of country? A country with a strong educational system can more definitely develop in the future. In developing countries, improving peoples knowledge is very important because their attitude can be influenced by the development of the country. Theres a famous saying If you rejoin a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you watch the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.Education is long consideration investment. Maybe we will not be able to see the results imediately, but it is essential to ensure growth and successfulness. Also it is important to put grapheme before measuring stick the goal must be for all education programmes to be of the highest quality, with the number of places tailored to the needs of the labour market. It is not the quantity of grad uates that determines our competitiveness, but the quality of our programmes from an international perspective.With a good educational system, people can study easily, they can understand the newest technology, and then they can improve their lives. However, even with good educational system in one country, task may arise. It is so called brain drain. It is defined as the departure of skilled intellectual and technical labor through the movement of much(prenominal) labor to more favorable geographic, economic, or professional environments. Individuals that are enlightened in developing country may move to the developed countries such as USA, England, and countinue their lifes there.In this case, education cannot bring any good for country where young people are more concerned about their own prosperity than prosperity of their native country. Although there are a lot of other factors that are of huge importance for growth of one country, I agree that education is the single most important development in the country. Of course, each person possesses good qualities along with bad ones, buthigher education gives us an opportunityto develop our better sides by providing our society with members, whose labour is to contribute to the countrys development.

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