Monday, March 4, 2019

Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

While runway after a deer in the forest. the pandava brothers became thirsty. It was hot and they were tired. consequently yudhlsthlra displace sahadev, one of his brothers to look for water. When he did non return, he sends the other triplet brothers one at a time. When none of them returned he himself went to look for them. He saw them lying on the ground near a pool. They were every dead or unconscious. Yudhlsthlra did not no that they had ignored a yakshyas process of monition not to drink the water of his pool until hey answer his questions.Although Yudhisthira was very thirsty, he obeyed the yakshya and answers all his quesuons correctly. The Yakshya was pleased with hlrn ready to revive (bring back to life sentence) one of his brothers. Then Yudhisthira chose Nakula on the moral ground. Pleased with Yudhisthiras righteousness, the Yakshya showed himself as Yama, and revived the entire crook brother. He then advised them to go to Matcha and also promised to help them wh en they were in danger.This story may be trying to tell us whatsoever thing about the Importance of patience, obedience to gods wisdom and right conduct. Without these qualities, the pandava brothers would not have become successful. This story fire also be see to mean that righteousness make us feel good here on earth. In other word good actions are instantly rewarded. CRITICAL THINKING An atheist may ask a dish of quesuons about this beautiful story. Do gods really exist? If they exist what is the proof for their existence? Is righteousness always rewarded?Arent the good people ever in trouble? In spite of such questions, the answer given by Yudhlsthlra Is very transparent. I am very much satisfied with the answers to the questions. what can a man give up and immediately become sizable? it is desire. If we have no desire we can really be happy. socialisation This tale has influence me very much. All the answers are Yudhisthira are simple but very powerful. If we follow his wisdom we can make our life successful. I also knew that the value of wisdom and patience. We should be as patience.

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