Saturday, February 9, 2019

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We Learn By Doing An old Chinese aphorism states Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand. In three short statements this proverb represents my outlook on education. Over-all my philosophy could be described as eclectic nonetheless, the main emphasis I intent to make stems from progressivism. I also plan to incorporate behaviorism into my teachings and I will maintain an open mind throughout my teaching life history in order to adapt to the needs of my pupils. Furthermore, I will profit my professional status by continuing my education and by go involved in established associations. Ive made my athletic biography by imitating the elite that brace come before me, and then refining my technique to better meet my needs. I intended to do this in my teaching career as well by modeling whoremonger Deweys ideas of how people pack. Dewey thought that people were more apt to learn if they were involved in the activity. Book learning, as he referred to it, is no patronage for actually doing things. The origin of my opinion stems from my early and middle childhood. I never wanted to take my parents word that I should not do something, and I always had find out the hard way by experiencing the note for myself before I learned not to do it. Another stand in progressivism that I nonplus is throughout my schooling is that I have noticed that my peers and I excelled better in the classes in which we participated in activities sort of than listened to lectures and did book-work assignments. I also believe that interactive assignments are the foundation of a good Physical Education Program. Young children and even teenagers have a hard time grasping the concepts of biomechanics, so rather than lecturing on the proper motions of throwing a ball it is much more effective to have the students participate in activities that shows them the effective and non-effective ways to complete a confinement or skill. My classroom philosophy also contains elements from behaviorism. I believe honor and positive reinforcement is the best way to get the results one desires from his/her students.

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