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Magical Realism and Psychology Essay example -- Magical Realism Litera

Magical Realism and PsychologyMagical touchableism was head start used by the art critic Franz Roh to designate the pictorial make of the Postexpressionist period, beginning around 1925 (Leal 120). Later, this term was use to forms of literature. This type of literature contains characteristics such(prenominal) as real and unreal elements, no hesitation, and hidden meanings. Given these and other characteristics, it is easy to see that charming naturalism can be applied to things outside of literature, such as psychology.In magical realism stories, the places and things ar real and unreal at the same time. Luis Leal states that what used to be called empirical reality, or the world, seems to have become more and more unreal, and what has coarse been regarded as unreal is more and more turned to or study as the only true or another equally valid reality (153). Brooke-Rose says that the inversion of real/unreal is perfectly logical (qtd. in Leal 153). This quote seems to conco rd with Faris statement that the wonders are recounted largely without comment, in a matter-of-fact way, pass judgment - presumably - as a child would accept them, without undue inquisitive or reflection (177). From class discussion, I have found that there are also many ways to interpret the meaning of magical realism stories.A dream is a sequence of moving images, found on a significant thought which may be all conscious or unconscious (Hearne and Melbourne 42). Anthony Stevens says, from the standpoint of dream psychology, the most unique capacity of the human psyche is its genius for fabricating images (176). He states an image becomes a symbol when it is endowed with meaning (176). According to Stevens, Dream an art,... ...reams. Magical realism has probably become popular due to its ability to transport the referee into a new world and make him or her forget close to reality.Works CitedBorges, Jorge Luis. The Circular Ruins. A Hammock Beneath the M angoes. Ed. Thomas Colchie, N.Y. get dressed Printing, 1991. 25-29.Faris, Wendy B. Scheherazades Children Magical Realism and Postmodern Fiction. Magical Realism Theory, History, Community. Ed. Lois Parkison Zamora and Wendy B. Faris. shorthorn Duke U.P., 1995. 163-190.Hearne, Keith and David Melbourne. Understanding Dreams. London New Holland Publishers, 1999.Leal, Luis. Magical Realism in Spanish American Literature. Magical Realism Theory, History, Community. Ed. Lois Parkison Zamora and Wendy B. Faris. Durham Duke U.P., 1995. 119-124.Stevens, Anthony. Private Myths Dreams and Dreaming. Cambridge Harrard U.P., 1995.

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