Monday, August 26, 2019

Frist assay in helth an safety management Essay

Frist assay in helth an safety management - Essay Example It includes both large scale civic surroundings i.e. places of work, as well as personal places such as homes. The phrase, today, has been widely known and used to illustrate the interdisciplinary field of study which seeks to address various aspects of man – made surrounding such as its design, management, and safety issues in relation to human activities. The construction industry has a disturbingly low safety mechanism as compared to the other industries where accidents which involves temporary access systems, fitting of defective components, unauthorized modification of structures, omission of barriers as well as other more common factors arising on account of management failure such as failure to control and prevent risk, unsafe methods and practices, and inadequate training and supervision account for a large proportion of injuries in the construction industry worldwide1. Although the construction industry has been widely appreciated for making major contributions in accelerating development across the globe, its image has been tarnished by the number of accidents and health hazards that occur on an almost regular basis on the sites. This research paper deals with the various aspects involved in the workplace safety management practices with regard to the construction industry. It analyses and discusses the contemporary issues, current trends and strategies that could be used to improve the working conditions and reduce the health hazards which are faced by construction workers. According to HSE approximately 2.2 million3 people work in Britain’s construction industry, which is incidentally considered to be one of the most dangerous places to work, making it one of the largest industries in the country. Statistics suggest that nearly 2800 people have died as a result of accidents on construction sites in the past 25 years4. Most of the accidents occurring on

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