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Finance interview summary Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Finance interview summary - Assignment Example However, this exercise was nothing like that. It was an informational interview about career prospects in two areas that I would be most interested in. I am doing a specialization in Finance and Accounting and would also like to look at Human Resources and Administration as an alternative field. The prime reason for this is that when it comes to a downturn in the economy, it is far better to be on the other side of the table letting people go, than being a victim yourself. I first interviewed Mr. Keith Sherin, Vice President of Finance at General Electric and secondly Mr. John Lynch, who was the Vice President of Human Resources at the same organization. Summary of First Interview Q. 1. Mr. Sherin, how would you describe the job you handle as VP of Finance at General Electric? Being VP of Finance of a company as large as General Electric, I am sure you will realize entails a lot of different responsibilities. Finance as you understand is the lifeblood of modern business. In fact peop le are ready to do business with you as long as you have a good reputation in the market and can be trusted and are ethically sound. The lines of cash and credit open to organizations as large and varied as General Electric are many. In fact there are banks and other lending institutions wanting to do business with us. ... Finance is not only about generating funds for projects but the proper use of these funds when in excess. One can pay back a loan in advance, create a sinking fund for replacement of key assets or even buy back stock available in the market. In fact I find it very exciting and challenging and no two days are ever the same. Finance is also about controlling the market value of the shares and maximization of shareholder wealth and prevention of a dilution in value or a hostile takeover (Brigham & Ehrhardt, 2009). So the responsibilities are quite varied. Q. 2. How did this interview affect my knowledge about career interests and my own career exploration? I was really impressed with the wide ranging responsibilities of the VP Finance at GE. I could see that authority was commensurate with the responsibilities that a VP Finance had- it was not all about meetings, but the need to make decisions about the flow and direction of the business. Finance was needed to assist in meeting business plans and current situations and a proper effort at financial planning and budgeting was necessary to meet these ends. The VP Finance had to have an overview of budgeting, cash flows, interest payments, bank dealings and all such related matters. It was certainly more difficult than I had expected. Q. 3. What new information, ideas, and insights did I gain from the Interview? For one thing, it requires a dynamic personality with the ability to motivate people to listen to you. You should have the ability to lead and direct subordinates on how to prepare stuff for meetings for internal purposes as well as banks or other institutions. It is not a desk job but

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