Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Parole Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Parole - Essay ExampleHowever, there has been a consensus among the players within the criminal justice system that incarceration is not the most appropriate measure to only offenders. It is in the light of this consensus that parole and probation systems were developed in order to provide alternative and appropriate shipway of addressing ad hoc types of offenders (Welsh and Harris, 2008). These systems have had remarkable impacts within the criminal justice system but they have as well had some shortcomings as well. Particularly, parole has been regarded as an early release option that puts the public at uncalled-for risk. On the other hand, there are those who argue that it allows the re-integration of offenders into the community and provides better prospects for rehabilitation (Broadhurst, 2001). This paper allow seek to understand the parole system by discussing its pros and cons. In addition, it will discuss whether parole is currently over-utilized or under-utilized in Australia, or whether proper balance has been struck.Yoshimura (2000) defines parole as a process that involves conditionally releasing an offender from prison so that he or she can serve the remaining condemnation in the community according to the decrys terms that the court would impose. Often, offenders released under parole serve the remaining sentence in the community under community corrections officer supervision. Parole is considered as a conditional release from the prison because the release of the offenders is based on certain conditions such as prisoners agreeing to obey specific restrictions imposed by the court. It should be noted that the parole release decisions basis vary across legal power and time (Proctor, 1999). For example, parole can be offered as an entitlement to offenders after they have served a specified token(prenominal) imprisonment term. Similarly, parole can be used as a reward for offenders good behavior. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that granti ng of release on parole is based on

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