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Stress and Negativity in Our Human Minds

SPC Mattadeen, Judy Corine Ms. Alexa Fernandez major powerful Essay Writing January 26, 2010 STRESS AND NEGATIVITY IN OUR HUMAN MINDS conception Eliminating focussing and negativity is the near important factor in our kind minds. In general it is so powerful we almost feel exchangeable we firet cope with it. Finding representations to fight underline and negativity is crucial to non only handle the ways of action but to really live a happier and more meaningful life. seek and negativity is non a new agenda or a phenomenon. It has been a huge experience in mankind throughout history.These feelings pull to find oneselfher in our lives and in our soul over meter. Although sometimes these experiences argon unavoidable. at that place argon ways that can be d integrity to uphold go through the process of eliminating extend and negativity and feeding our gay minds with a nifty and unconditional outlook in life. Having a positive witticism and eliminating the negativit y of stress in ourselves is not going to just chance on upon us. Its really a prime(a) we have to benefit. Being positive doesnt necessarily find naturally. Its our decision that we have to make daily. Is stress an enemy to us human beings?Of course it is because you galvanic pile with so much nix energy. That altogether merges to different type of problems that we encounter in our daily lifestyle. Be at work or at home, then this type of emotions is everywhere. Now it is up to us on how we handle the circumstance that can either make us or one way to break us. We make the choice. (Melinda Smith, M. A. , Ellen Jaffe-Gill, M. A, & Robert Segal M. A. 2008) (http// swear outguide. org/mental/stress_management_relief_coping. htm) Stress and blackball feelings The stress of ever so feeling no-count can lead to deep depression and checkup disorder.Our body and our mind are a continuum. In other nomenclature focusing besides much on being angry, fear or having fear of fai lure is one of the contributing factor of self closing and having such failure in achieving such goals that we human want in life. We can control all the stress and negativity we encounter by means of responding to new gainsays by telling ourselves that we are capable of lining our fears and doing what is right. All this is a way of eliminating such prejudicial themes and a thong of a positive spin. That is a good start of leading a better life.Visualization, this technique can be earnd by means of initiation positive expectations and believe that we can do it. on that pointfore if we literally preclude the old feelings and shadow it with the new and positive ways. We can achieve a good and healthy mind and soul. We are not meant to live a miserable and unfulfilled life. When we discover the path of visualizing what we really want to achieve in life. Then we can discover and start working in some realm associated with a positive attitude not ostracize and we all will thri ve to the fullest of success. Critical thinkingWhenever we tend to stop ourselves being critical or even having a negative thought in mind is very stressful. Thinking negative of another person, dowry or anything that can lead a negative reaction is a challenge. Make it a priority also to keep your well pure. If somehow in some points youre being or if somebody is being critical of you or trying to lead you in a bad light. Recognize that there is a stone coming your way. We dont need to dwell on it, or get upset and vengeful. When these stages exceed the best thing to do is pull ourselves back and have this internal question Can I take up such challenge to control myself?One way to look at our level in coping with these feelings is our human emotions. Our body alone is like a pose of energy where we store pure energy alone. May it be negative or positive. We might want to declutter our world by human mend also. By means of letting your choice reflect your taste. Whether you l et the stress and negative thoughts handle your life or fight the biggest fight. Motivation is one of the best severalise in life. Surrounding ourselves with positive individuals will help us move on to the right track. Keep pressing forward. The key to rising higher is to keep looking to where you want to go.Keep a positive vision and see yourself accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your destiny. Meditation Relax and take a deep breath. Always let in a positive temper to avoid negative thoughts. Personal power, acceptance, and home(a) love will help restore our boundaries to normal settings. Maintaining all these positive factors are guides us in removing old baggage and replacing it with the good ones. Let in a higher power. The answer to this is simply having God in our hearts. Let our choice reflect our taste and by then when we have that higher power restored in our souls. We are on the right track.We all need to get in peace of who we really are. Dwell only on the posit ive, empowering thoughts towards ourselves. Thats when we realize that our faith is energized. Prayers are the best medicine in our normal routine in life. Health and well being Maintaining a good and healthy balance mind and body will lead us to fight all the stress and unwanted negative that surrounds us in our daily lives. Exercise is also the best key. It releases such tension in due time and provides us with energy to handle anything that may come our way. One way also to eliminate stress and negativity is managing our time wisely.We must always find a way to have our get me time. Have a habit of writing everything down on musical theme on what to do, where to go, what else needs to be done or etc. is a good way of managing your time wisely. Handle important task starting signal and eliminate unessential task. Exercise and eating right is also a good factor in eliminating stress and the entire negative that surrounds us. If we are fit, and nothing else is really seriously wr ong in our lives, than we can believably manage a fair amount of frustration, delay, unfairness, misfortune in whatsoever form.Surrender and let in Instead of fighting and feeling negative about your thoughts that can lead to stress. Surrender to them and you will see that the negative feelings will quickly eliminate and lose its power over our human minds. When we are in a world of so much stress fight it by accepting it and try not to think similarly deep into it. Cause in some points there are stressors that are really not even meant to be paid attention too at all. We should always observe the feeling in our mind and body without labeling or either judging it by all means.Self assurance is also one of the best tools for us to use to reach our goals and be happy in life. There is always room for improvement with our inner feelings to avoid accumulating stress by means of having faith in everything we do and encounter. Be realistic about life alone. Set realistic goals. learn yourself questions before we even execute. Think positive thoughts. Know what you want and do what is right. Nobody can hold you down if you believe. For God alone does not focus on whats wrong with us. Hes not looking at all our faults and weaknesses.Hes looking at how far weve come along and how much were growing as a person. So we all need to focus on whats right for us. (Henrik Edberg 2006-2010) Final thoughts Life alone is a major challenge. all over we go we may encounter the good and the bad. Whether you may take the chance of absorbing the negative and deal with it or fight the toughest fight in dealing with stress alone. We all make those choices. Eliminating stress and negativity can be achieved by thinking positive. Its time to unburden ourselves by receiving progress, initiative, inner peace, love, setting goal, prayers, and motivation.My personal experience in life alone dealing with stress and so much negative alone is challenging. There are times where in I just can t handle the situation that Im in yet I pushed myself for the better by pressing forward, surrounding myself with positive people, and learn how to deal with stress by means of how to handle my emotions. This is one of the most authoritative aspects in coping. Overall by reading every word in this essay is a step in what are the ways in dealing with everyday stress and negativity in general. It is also a guide in improving our everyday life.We can make the most of any experience or challenges that we go through by committing ourselves in change and grow. Expressing ourselves freely, fully and honestly is not going to lessen us the benefits of creating a positive meaning in life. Remember when our life or your life is full of rocks dont forget to throw wampumpeag back in return. Reference How to reduce, prevent, and cope with stress (Melinda Smith, M. A. , Ellen Jaffe-Gill, M. A, & Robert Segal, M. A. 2008) http//helpguide. org/mental/stress_management_relief_coping. htm

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