Saturday, March 9, 2019

Compare and Contrast ‘Crow Lake’ and ‘Warren Pryor’

In the modern day, millions of students of all ages from around the hu gay race attend schools and universities solely for the purpose of receiving an fostering. The reason as to why learning is one of the close to important fragments in vitality is because it helps individuals gain acquaintance and awareness, and essentially achieve more succeeder in their lives. The importance of education also happens to be one of the central elements in Mary Lawsons Crow Lake, as well as in rabbit warren Pryor, a poem written by Alden Nowlan. To set about with, one most counterbalance base realize the true value of education.We are introduced to this concept when we see the extents to which warrens parents go in hostelry for their son to be suit suitable to receive an education, rather than to labour on a farm. In the first stanza of the poem, Alden describes His parents boarded him at school in town, slaving to free him from the stony fields (Nowlan 2-3). Alden is able to achieve i magery in his readers mind by his use of diction. The selection of words such as slaving creates a stiff evocative effect, as it highlights how much an education is truly worth. On the other(a) hand, Kate is also making similar conclusions.While reflecting on her university education, she explains I had discovered by then that Great-Grandmother Morrison was more right than she knew about the power of education shed had no idea of the other doors it could open (Lawson 187). This passage reveals Kates experiences with success and her realizations about the true potential of formal education. Another common element between the protagonists of the novel and the poem, is the financial struggles they have to face and the sacrifices they have to make. Alden Nowlan describes Warrens situation with When every pencil meant a sacrifice (Nowlan 1).This notation introduces the reader to a taste of poverty, where something as uncostly as a pencil can mean a sacrifice. Similarly, Kate retells Money was too tight for me to go home for short breaks (Lawson 188). This shortage of funds in the Morrison family translates into separation of the members from each(prenominal) other. Therefore although the two characters are faced with different situations, the lack of money becomes an issue for both the protagonists, as well as their families. However, Kate and Warren begin to contrast each other in their attitude towards receiving an education.While Kate sees her university as the eventual(prenominal) path to a brighter future, she explains The World was spreading itself out before me I felt that I could go anywhere, do anything. Be anyone. It is clear that she realizes her hazard to change her life for the better, and she is prepared to take advantage of it. While on the other hand, Warren Pryor does not seem to be a man of books and learning. Although he was able to finish university and successfully get a job, the sound stanza explains And he said nothing. Hard and ser ious like a unsalted bear inside his fibbers cage (Nowlan 13).While ironically this life of hard work and success means little to Warren, in order to avoid disappointment from his parents, he chooses to remain silently inside his tellers cage. Although these two pieces of literature have a few differences and points of contrast, for most of the parts theyre significantly relevant. Mary Lawson and Alden Nowlan both use droll methods of bringing a subject to life, whether by in depth victimisation of a character, or through biblical and religious references. Overall, both pieces admit with the central concept of the importance of education in todays world, for both the individual and the society.

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