Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life Learned Lessons

My, name is Malcolm Hutchins; I am a freshman at Wiley College. I come from A family of four kids (2) boys and (2) girls. Most of my family members argon member of fraternities, which ranged from delta to kappa. My whole dream was not to be unconnected of a fraternity but to start my own fraternity. Glancing about society I believe the time is now to expect my own mark in history. Walking around campus I date great peck Dr. David Lenard Beckley, Dr. Lamoure Carter, Dr. Haywood l. Strickland and Dr. Ronald Leo Swim. These ar thus far a few people that came from Wiley College. These people have shown me that Wiley College is a go into where everyone can be successful. Furthermore with this organization we stick out to help other students see the success that others have knack up throughout history. We also broadcast to represent Wiley College to the beaver of our ability. We are trying to promote well being for society. plainly because we see the direction everythi ng is going. Also we want to show teenage people can be apart of something positive and not be ridiculed for doing so. Secondly we plan on making untried workforce apart of the solution instead of the problem. Our Main goals live of charge all participants on the right track, so go int fall into the elements of society. By staying rooted in deliverer we plan build leaders through the organization back up those in need and making our community, our world a go place one step at a time. In outcome we ask for permission also your blessing to represents much(prenominal) a small and new beginning, to make history. SincerelyIf you want to bushel a full essay, order it on our website:

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