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Kishan Patel Chemistry Dr. Cincotta September 11, 2011 Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of desoxyribonucleic acid By, Brenda Maddox Rosalind Franklin is an master(prenominal) mannikin in our foregone of scientists. The Dark Lady of DNA is a massed based on a consecutive base of how this womans field was the key for the decision of the DNA. Brenda Maddox the occasion of this book is carefully tries not only to admit Rosalind Franklin for but one achievement but numerous. In 1920 Rosalind Franklin was natural into an upper crust family. Her family was well known in the Anglo-Jewry. As a fry she al foc exploitations wanted to be a scientist. She was sincerely shining and determined to discover new things, two spectacular traits for scientists. Rosalind Franklin went to Cambridge and at this point of time women were not given a degree. Mrs. Franklin by and by on in her life went on to work on the social structure of coal. However at Birkbeck College and Kings College she finally made ends meet on structure of DNA. This was the hightail it away of a new beginning. Till reading this book I always believed that two scientist by the name of mob Watson and Francis twist were the scientist that really sight the structure of DNA. However these two scientists take the discoveries of Rosalind Franklin, by first vexting Maurice Wilkins Mrs. Franklins fellow to fountain information from her researches. In 1962, these three men were awarded a dreadful Prize for their discovery. Later on as years past by Watson and Crick told the truth about how they discovered the structure of DNA, it was all because of one x-ray that Rosalind Franklin took of DNA. She attained most of the ruff x-raydiffraction photographs from DNA fibers that have ever been taken mickle say. It seized many years for scientist to figure out a way to get the DNA structure figured out. The technique that the scientists were using to get the x-ray of DNA was crystall ography. In this surgery a crystal was expo! sed in an x-ray to create a curving pattern of how DNA looks. It...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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