Monday, September 9, 2019

Ralph Lauren Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Ralph Lauren Corporation - Essay Example Today the company is operating 179full-services stores, 171 factory stores, and 281discounted based shop outlets. Different famous brands include Polo Ralph Lauren, Black Label, Purple Label, RLX Denim and sportswear for tennis, and sportswear for golf. The brands for women were also launched by Ralph Lauren; Black Label, Blue Label, RLX Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Denim & Supply for women. The brands for children include Ralph Lauren Children wears, Baby Ralph Lauren, etc.Other small-scale fashion brands include Club Monaco, Chap, and American Living. Polo Sport, Polo Denim, Ralph Lauren jeans co. and blue label were other famous brands of the company.The corporations running the restaurants under the name of RL and under the Rugby Ralph Lauren branding.Operating any company at such a big level as Ralph Lauren is a difficult task. The management head needs to be very interactive and fast thinkers. The decision-making parties must be experienced. Different marketing tools help the large r companies to make their marketing strategies successful and take their corporation to the high level of achievement. Marketing tools play important role in the strategy building process for advertisement of the brands and companies.A marketing strategy is a general promotion plot planned to encounter the wants and necessities of consumers. The idea should be founded on strong arms. A number of methods will then be engaged to make certain points that the promotion plan is efficiently and well delivered. Marketing procedures are the tackles used by the marketing section. The marketing section will set out to classify the utmostsuitable tools to achieve maximum profits and generate revenues. These marketing techniques include consumer promoting campaigns public relations, trade and, point-of-sale materials, editorial, publicity and sales literature

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