Friday, August 9, 2019

What will happen to traditional books and why Essay

What will happen to traditional books and why - Essay Example Contrarily, e-books can be saved in CDs and DVDs, and can be read on the internet. One does not have to carry them around all the time, if they are on the internet, and this makes them much more convenient than traditional books. â€Å"E-books are infinitely more portable than paper books when carried with you on a PDA† (Singh 247). I remember myself carrying loads of books in college, and I hated it. Catone (para.3) counter-argues that holding a book in hand can never be matched with viewing it through pixels on a screen. But, I believe that it is just a matter of habit, which can be changed. Traditional books also prove to be much more expensive than e-books, and so, not everyone is able to purchase them. Contrarily, digital forms are very cheap, since people can read them on the internet and their PCs. This makes e-books affordable. Publishers of e-books state that â€Å"they offer e-books to students and bookstores at prices lower than those of traditional textbooks† (Howle 44). I used to spend all my pocket money in buying fairy tales when I was young, the ones which young kids can read online today, in free. Breslin (2) counter-claims that since writers put a lot of effort in writing books, they must be paid fairly. But, I believe that the affordability of books by common people is more serious an issue than writer’s payments. Traditional books use a lot of paper resource, and thus, they do not play role in making the environment green. A lot of paper is used in compiling and publishing books. In contrast, e-books are much resourceful as they do not consume paper. â€Å"The useful functions of an e-book are the replacement of traditional paper, reducing tree cutting, and increasing environmental protection† (Hesselbach and Herrmann 67). I remember my favorite trees were cut down by a company, for paper manufacture. Mims (para.7) counter-argues that â€Å"after just 10 minutes of

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