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Macro Econ 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Macro Econ 3 - Assignment Example This can be illustrated by the fact that there will be a small change in production because the workers already have enough capital for production. This is evidenced by the fact that capital is put through diminishing returns, a situation where output decreases as the amount of capital is increased (Mankiw, 2012). The higher rate of saving does not increase the growth rate indefinitely since more capital is not put to use in helping the country. Instead, as income rises, the growth finally slows down. All this is due to the effect of diminishing returns to scale, which affect the growth rate in the short-term and stabilizes it as income increases. Question 4 Investment is a process through which the government can increase its factors of production for future use, which can be done by improving current resources to produce more capital (Mankiw, 2012). Conversely, national saving is the amount of resources that remains after the deduction of consumption and governments purchases in an economy. The relationship between investment and national savings can be illustrated by the equation: Y=C+I+G+NX; where I represents investment, C is consumption, Y is GDP, G denotes government purchases NX is the net export, given by exports less imports. Provided that no other factors act on the economy are altered, for example the represented government does not borrow any money outside or doe not engage itself in international trade, the above equation will have some changes and the outcome is; Y=C+I+G, which happens because the net exports remain constant. The above equation shows that GDP is derived from the sums of consumption, investment and government purchases, and investment can be obtained the equation by subtracting C, (consumptions) and I, (investments) on both sides, Y- C-G = I The above results shows that investments is equivalent to national savings provided that the left side of an equation represents total income resulting from the payment of income and governmen t purchases. Hence it shows that there is a relationship between national savings and investments. Productivity Growth Question 1 The FRBSF economic letter (2009) indicates that before 1995, the main contributor of productivity growth was human capital and the physical capital, but after 1995 this changed to Information Technology (IT) since productivity started rising in the mid 1990s in the firms that were using IT. The changes come about due to rapid transformation of information technology and its use in many sectors for the transfer of information, computers and semiconductors. The use of information technology increased the labor productivity rate which led to a higher productivity growth, which is the reason behind the difference between the year 1995 and earlier years where the productivity growth rate was low. Question 2 Based on the author’s observation, it is possible that the US economy will, in future, still be the largest and most productive (FRBSF, 2009). This observation is due to the fact that the productivity growth rate between 1995 and 2000 was due to the implementation of Information Technology which had a bigger share of investment and the US government had invested fully on it. Based on the different authors in the symposium, the productivity rate of 2% per annum will be sustained

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