Sunday, August 11, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Plan Research Paper

Corporate Social Responsibility Plan - Research Paper Example to the need to incorporate these plans directly into corporate social responsibility and so the plans are implemented isolated differently from corporate social responsibility plans. Until such a time that the corporate strategic plans of the company are integrated into the corporate social responsibility plans, the full potential of the company in terms of organizational growth cannot be attained. Nationwide Insurance is certainly in the financial industry, where it is expected to be a major stakeholder in the determination of the investment of people through insurance. Closely related to the background of the role of the company in offering secure investment policies for its clients are the vision and value statements of the company structured. The vision statement of the company is therefore given a â€Å"to become a competitive leader in the provision of risk-free insurance that meets customers at the points of their need†. The vision statement indicates clearly that the major focus of the company is the customer and that the company wants to put the customer first in all its business dealings. Much of the company’s ways of going about its business is directed at achieving the vision of the company. This is however done in a well laid out format that is backed by the use of empirical themes. For example, there is the use of three spheres and the environment, which together makes economic, political, civil society and the environment. In all of these thematic areas, the company tries to give to the customer value oriented service and business product that satisfies the demanding conditions of the company. On a scale of ten therefore, the success rate of programs that are currently in use in line with the four themes could be said to 8 out 10 successful. It was recently discovered that one of the best ways to achieve a holistic goal for all four themes is to make use of corporate social responsibilities (Urwick, 2003). This led to the designing of a series

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