Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Personal and Profesional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal and Profesional Development - Essay Example Research has always been key in my learning journey. I use all means at my disposal to research about any subject of concern that might impact on my career. The internet has always been invaluable. I gather all necessary information about almost any learning need I intend to meet. My selling skills techniques were bolstered by thorough research on the relevant issue. Various renowned newspapers are online thus I get to acquaint myself with information that will give me valuable knowledge in my field of career. Also, I read good books. Most of them contain information relevant to my career and wholeness of life in general. People are great source of information. I listen to people and their grievances or happiness with a particular product or service. This gives me insight on the consumer behavior and how they can be well addressed and over time I get to know the general trend with time. I have found this useful since many changes occur within a span of few years and old techniques ce ase to apply. Technology is always evolving at a surprising speed. Since the advent of Twitter and Facebook among other social websites, learning has been made simpler. I always ensure I follow or like all relevant companies, individuals and any useful party. This way I am able to keep up to date with advancements, the conditions of the global and local market and most importantly learn from industry giants and individuals who are specialists and experts in the field. It takes discipline to conform to only useful information and communication in the entertainment laden segment of the internet catering to social media. Reading technology related information magazines and newspapers helps in coping up with technology based acumen. Another useful self-learning technique that has proved indispensable is the power of networking. It dawned to me from an early time that building networks and using any chance to talk and share ideas with

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