Friday, July 19, 2019

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When it comes to Feng Shui, I think there are generally three groups of people. There are the Believers, Skeptics and the In-Betweens. In-Betweens are those that are neither Believers but nor are they absolute Skeptics. Being in the industry, obviously, I meet people who believe in Feng Shui all the time. But I do not ignore the fact that like many other metaphysical sciences, is often skeptically perceived by the public in general. The problem lies with the fact that there is so much hocus-pocus in this field, that one cannot help but feel a sense of misconception shrouding the practice. In actual fact, the art, science, study and practice of Feng Shui is a principled subject and no different to other traditional studies. I think it is up to the practitioners of this art, the believers, to help put it in a better light. And I believe, the best way to do this through education. I asked a group of advanced students once, what they believed to be the definition of Feng Shui. To my surprise, almost everyone responded with a different definition. It was such a fundamental question – yet most of their replies were different. Some said that Feng Shui is â€Å"an art of placement†, others claimed that it was â€Å"about harmony† or â€Å"wind and water† and another group said it was about â€Å"living in harmony with nature†. It was interesting experience. It seems, almost everyone has a different ‘definition’ of Feng Shui. Even the professionals in this field seem to have different definitions. Not surprisingly, even the same author, may have different definitions on the subject depending on which book you read! What exactly is this art? Is it really an art? Or is it a science? It is because of this lack of understanding that people tend to lose respect for Feng Shui. If even the professionals don’t have a common denominator on what Feng Shui is, then what value is there in it? Some of the more common definitions circulating today are: 1. Feng Shui is an Art of Placement 2. Feng Shui is Interior Design 3. Feng Shui is about decorating your house with good luck objects 4. Feng Shui is about living in harmony with nature 5. Feng Shui is about enhancing Wealth 6. Feng Shui is about enriching lives. Which one of these is correct? Actually, lets start with the wrong ones, it’ll make it simpler? To begin with, Feng Shui is definitely NOT the art of decorating your home with good luck objects NOR is it the so-called ‘art of placement’ of furniture and objects.

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