Friday, May 3, 2019

Policy provision and legislation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Policy provision and legislation - Essay Example matchless that brings tears into our eyes than a smile on our faces, The human race is suspicious of our own loving that we are willing to spend exorbitant sums of money on the manufacturing and buying weapons of mass destruction and safe and sound scale genocide without even giving it a second thought scarcely find hundreds of thousands reasons and function in heated debates when it comes to doling out money__ which is peanuts, as compared to the money we spend on tanks, aircrafts and guns__ for the education of our future generations and specially the nursery sector. Writer 2 The politicians in their ecstatic rhetoric at conferences, seminars, public rallies and cabinet meetings excrete great lectures on barbarianren being our most cherished and valuable resource. In fact we refer to them as the future of our nation but when the same politicians are confronted with the question of why they hesitate in adequately investing in our bright future are rendered speechless. Further, they are all in unison and come up to in one voice when it comes to safeguarding their privileges and the issue of increase in their salaries and other fringe benefits they are empower to being our elected representatives but are bitterly divided into factions on questions of tike care, may it be health care or education. On this issue they seek the shelter of the umbrella of cliched basis and nomenclatures such as liberals, conservatives, neo-liberals, and the neo-cons. The introduction of an authoritative book on education titled Education Policy, Process, Themes and Impact, redact by Les Bell and Howard Stevenson, begins with this pithy quote There was a time when educational policy was interpreted for granted Clearly that is no longer the case Today, educational policies are Focus of considerable contestation and public contestation Educational policy-making has become highly politicized (Olsen et al 2004 2-3). According to Gerhardt early nipper rearing is of prime importance in the social and cultural life of UK but because of a occur of factors, unfortunately, among which political, social and economic factors are predominant the trend in child care, child rearing and child Writer 3 education are not child centered as it should be but instead are work oriented and money-centered. This is the crux of her argument and the main reason for making Britain a fragmented polis. Further Gerhardt is of the firm view that the negligence on the part of all the relevant guess holders, the government, the independent agencies, the teachers and the parents is responsible in bringing UK to this stage where to use a metaphor the early child education and child rearing has been completely neglected. This felon negligence in not performing the labor movement that is required of each stake holder honestly and with professional integrity and in case of parents criminal in fulfilling their parental duties that UK has been unable to produce good law knowing and law abiding citizens, who on the one hand are unaware of their respective rights and on the other hand their duties that they owe to the society, the new-made London city riots are a good example. Our educational institutions have miserably failed in producing citizens that are less of an asset and more of a nuisance and liability and thereby are the cause of awesome tension and threaten to rend to rags the fragile fabric of our polis. The most pertinent question that needs to be answered by all those

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