Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Managing Diversity in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Managing Diversity in the piddle - Essay ExampleDiversity is a powerful tool in the growth and success of some(prenominal) agreement today. With the increase in globalization and technology, most organizations have become multicultural. Additionally, the economy has globalized. A fiber study of All-Inclusive Real Estate Company from where I work focuses on potpourri in the workplace. An analysis on the coating of the community indicates that diversity in the workplace is inevitable. Therefore, the organizations work force must work at benefiting from it. When an organization manages diversity well, it becomes best suited to grow. On the another(prenominal) hand, if diversity is not well managed, it could lead to wastage of time and resources. The company has a multicultural workforce. The heterogeneous spirit of the workplace highlights complex cultural relations, unified by a common goal. Employees of the company learn the organizations culture after they are employed and after they go through orientation and training. By working(a) below guidelines set up by managers and supervisors, they get to share the vision, mission and goals of the organization. Once in the organization, employees identify with overlap symbols, norms and values that the organization and its managers uphold. New employees learn to adjust to the organization, whilst the organization adjusts to them. The company highly promotes diversity, which increases more cordial awareness and integration. Multicultural organizations which strongly support diversity experience great social unity (Gilbert and Ones, 685-704). The company has a diverse work force, both in its top management and its support staff. A quality at some of its top officials gives a better picture of how individual differences can blend abruptly to produce a highly productive workforce. The companys managing director, Susan is Jewish American. She exhibits power and good leadership. She believes that diversity s hould not hinder improvements and developments in the workplace. To implement successful changes in the organization, focus should be placed on the changes and not barriers such as culture (Beer et al 291). Her philosophy is that however diverse an organization is, the goals of the organization should cement individual differences to realize a friendly working environment. She highly promotes a good working atmosphere for employees within the organization. In addition, she encourages a cordial relationship with the organizations clients. Susan emphasizes professionalism, aimed at ensuring integrity and competence. Her leadership is based on scatter communication to encourage participation from employees. She liaises with employees to assess behaviors and practices. She is supportive and open minded, attributes that she encourages everyone to acquire. She works to promote confidence in the company. Susan believes in maximizing peoples potential by encouraging them to specialize in w hat they do best. She often refers to the idea that proper management of diversity is opportune in an era that emphasizes flexibility and creativity to beat competition (Cox, 50). She promotes diverse ideas by holding unfluctuating meetings with staff members to discuss any issues arising and better ways of doing things. She understands her employees and has a unique relationship with all of them. If

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