Tuesday, May 7, 2019

HNC Electrical Engineering Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 words

HNC Electrical Engineering Project - Essay ExampleAs the proposed create extension is to be progressed beyond the feasibility stage, this project proposal has been requested by the Estates and Facilities subdivision within the Trust to examine the proposals for the upgrading of the existing standby electricity generation provision in put to supply the extension. This project intends to give a detailed design and testing of the electrical generator musical arrangement for the expanded building. 1.1. The electrical layout of the Royal Lancaster Infirmary The electrical bill requirement of the existing Royal Lancaster Infirmary, is in the high voltage range. The maximum electrical commove drive of the existing sites peaks to around 875 KVA. According to the guidelines of the focus policy of the Health Technical Memorandum 2011 (1992), this electrical load requirement is being satisfied by both 500 ampere, 11 KV high tension supply running in parallel. The inflowing 11KV is ta ken to an incoming breaker through a RMG from the incoming breaker, the 11 KV supply is passed on to the group coil breaker. From the group coil breaker, it gets split into four transformers for supply boost up. There be four high tension breakers connecting the group coil breakers to the four transformers. To satisfy the load demand, two transformers of 500 KVA and two transformers of 315 KVA are used. ... Among the existing buildings, most of the electrical consumption is due to the demand in the medical unit that comprises the blood storage unit, the coronary care unit, the wards. These sections of the hospital demand critical supply of electrical power. The medical unit encompasses the plant rooms in the roof and the basement. The other units give care the womens unit, the wards, the pharmacy, the pathology unit, the kitchen cum restaurant also consume considerable power. The wiring layout does not split the congenital and critical sections of the electrical requirement from that of the non essential sections. Hence at present the generator load is selfsame(prenominal) as the entire site load. The generator that is operational at present is a single generator that has a capacity of 530 KV at around 750 amps. This set up is already highly affluent and the possibility of additional load is less. Also the existing generator is class 2 type and is assailable of handling only 50% of the rated capacity. To manage this, there are additional control systems that shed the load of non critical systems. 1.2. The current problem in electrical backup The electrical requirement of the existing building as discussed earlier is being satisfied by a single generator. In this context, the proposal for extending two more kinds of the hospital building has led to additional electrical load. The proposed advanced building phases include that of the phase 3 building called as the centenary building and the phase 4 building which is a new extension in the Royal Lancaste r Infirmary site. The centenary building encompasses many blocks. The various blocks include the fortuity and emergency unit, radiology unit, paediatric unit and the HSDU unit. These major units are located in the

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