Friday, May 31, 2019

Buddhism and Christianity in the same light Essay -- essays research p

A community, a system of belief, a tradition and a route of life- Catholicism and Theravada Buddhism are solely of these and many more. There are many affinities between Theravada Buddhism and Catholicism, but each tradition is marked with its own unique origins. Thus it is valuable to explore Buddhistic rituals, practices, ethics and morals comparatively to those Catholic, but equally important to examine those features that are uniquely their own religion. Every religion that strives to achieve its own way of life chooses distinctive practices and rituals to reach their desired spiritual goals. When considering Catholicism and Buddhism, the two main forms of worship are prayer and meditation. While paradise is the ultimate spiritual attainment, most ordinary Buddhists show their commitment to the Buddha through several religious practices. The basic motives behind Buddhist practices mirror with those behind the Catholic tradition (Seay (2001,p.58). two traditions aim to creat e togetherness within their community by developing a sense of communion with all present through a group activity. virtually of these activities include group prayer/meditation and group singing/chanting. Another motive behind some Buddhist and Catholic practices is the principle of suffering, a portentous element of religious tradition. This principle was formed on the basis of the suffering endured by Saddartha Gutama and Jesus Christ and is put into practice through traditions like achieving Nirvana and Le...

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