Thursday, May 23, 2019

And Then There Were None

Vera Calculator Loved a man named Hugo Hogs nephew was the boy she watched Since the boy was a boy, Hugo lost all the inheritance money and thitherfore could not marry Vera Cyril desperately wanted to go out to the arguing in the ocean Vera knew he was too weak to Vera told him he could swim out there hunching full well that he would drown The family did not suspect her of killing him, but Hugo knew in his heart that she did so he left her What Vera didnt bonk was that Hugo loved Cyril Dry.Armstrong Operated on a lady while he was drunk The sister (nurse) was aware of this but did not tell on him The lady died This computer storage haunts him Philip Lombard Not a good leader He left 21 men to die Captain should die with his ship He was a coward for release them Intro important pillars Of society. This is how we live our lives Every doctor takes a Hippocratic oath which is an oath to practice medicine ethically and honestly.Vera Swam in easy sound strokes later him knowing onl y to authenticly she wouldnt be in time He was forbidden to swim out far- his parents forbid him to do this He wants to swim out there- Cyril said this He wasnt strong-very said this. It doesnt say why A small puny child no stamina-Vera said this.. T doesnt sys why The phase of child that perhaps wouldnt live to grow up. Vera says this.Because Hess weak and has no stamina Cyril thought he could swim out to the rock-he says this because he believes he can Vera responded give tongue to she knows he can-she says this because she wants him dead Vera deltoid she would talk to his mom on the beach tomorrow and when she looks up he will be there on the rock waving to her-she trying to encourage him to swim to the rock because she knows he wont make it and he could swim out to the rock tomorrow-Vera says this because she planned a bearing to kill him in a counselling that no one will foreknow she did it Cyril told stories-Vera said that he was a liar and always made up stories.She said this because if he somehow made it to the rock then he would say Vera said he could, but since he made up stories no one wildebeest him she pretended to swim out after him-Vera recalls this before she kills herself from the guilt. She wanted him dead so she could marry Hugo Armstrong Operated while drunk Simple job if he wasnt drunk The sister knew Luckily theres loyalty in his profession so she didnt tell Dry. Armstrong now. Well-known man. Had a consulting-room in Harley Street. Absolutely straight and sincere in his profession. Havent been able to trace any record of an illegal operation or anything of that kind.Its true that there was a woman called Clues who was operated on by him way back in 1925 at Loiterer, when he was attached to the hospital there. Peritonitis and she died on the operating table. Maybe he wasnt very skilful over the pop-? after all he hadnt much experience-? but after all clumsiness isnt a criminal offence. There was certainly no motive. Christie, Ghats (2009-03-17). And Then There were no(prenominal) (P. 242). Harper Collins, Inc.. Kindle Edition. After marathon dies hashes as nightmare recalling the operating room Lombard Left 21 men to dieClaims it was a matter of self-preservation They were lost in the bush Him and a couple others took what food was there and left Said self-preservation is a mans first duty Intro explain your moral code due east guilty dry. Armstrong He had no motive Dont know He killed one person He knew what he did was wrong Middle man Vera She didnt necessarily know he would die. She just hoped he would. Most guilty Lombard When you accept the position of captain you are accepting to do whatever you have to to make sure your men survive. Even if it means you wont survive.

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