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Dramatic Iron In Tragedy Essay Example for Free

Dramatic beseech In Tragedy EssayDramatic irony is indigenous in the experience of the tragedy deal get shocked when tragedy strikes further they will murmur underneath that they had seen it coming though the victims did make headway it. Neighbors and friends read signs of death, they are afraid to it directly or try to tell it indirectly and the victims croup non believe or just cannot understand. Tragedy sometimes strikes when least expected, Lindsay a beautiful young cleaning lady of two, separated from her husband because he abused her physic on the wholey, her estranged her husband did not accept the separation though it was authorized by a topical anesthetic judge. He visited her fellowship often and without notifying her in advance, he claimed that house was still his home because they had bought the house together before he started in drinking before that done for(p) their relationship and turned their home into a battle field. Lindsay had no problem with that h e was still the drive of her children, though she no longer loved him, in fact she was perceive granted so that they could marry.She knew Andy would be jealousy if he got a wind that in that respect was other man in her life but didnt think much about it and when Andy bumped on them kissing on the coach, she didnt think there was anything to worry about, furthermore they had decided that they should move on, in the best way each one knew. Andy reacted coolly, and seemed to be okay as the shook hands with Lindsays new man, she was surprised by his calmness and understanding.When Andy offered to relieve oneself Lindsay and their children out for dinner, she suggested that her new boyfriend should also as he had already met him and even implied that if he was seeing person he should also come with her. It didnt seem to be a good rarefied to her man but she managed to convince him and together they left field in Andys car towards a local restaurant. Andy was quite jovial through out the evening, talking nostalgically of the old times they had shared as a family, he made it clear that he was fine and would respect. Lindsays decision to move on, he promised to help hasten the divorce to set her free.Andy drove his family and their new friend home, but as briefly as he parked the car, he left outside and he held a pistol in hands he pulled he trigger and shot Lindsay and her man as he mocked them, telling them they can marry in hell. Luckily he did not kill his children but he turned the pistol to it and placed it on hid head, pulled the trigger and died on the spot. Lindsay was dead, her children became orphans, and she knew that Andy still bred her some of her friends had warned her that it was too soon to enter into another relationship but she had not hindered their advice.They knew Andy would get crazy with jealousy, some of them would not even believe that he had not started a fight with Lindsays boyfriend on the first day he savo together. Family mem bers mustiness have worried about Andys welfare especially after they realized that Lindsay was saving someone else, they knew how possessive he was with her, the guessed that he could harm the man they knew that there was no way to take the imposition and reaction he tangle and so they just waited for time to heal his wounds.However, tragedy struck and all they could now say was they had seen it coming. Most tragedies that happen are as a result of all cursory mistakes for instance when someone dies in road accident, raft will always say they knew it would happen, may be they will talk about his careless and fast driving or say that he left very angry or struck, they saw him getting into the vehicle but did not stop him and he goes and trashes and dies.In every tragedy there is prominent irony, and no matter how many tragedies strike people are always shocked and they never learn to stop the. Dramatic irony s endemic in the experience of tragedy, think of the humblest that ki lled may in the united states, the US had now with Iraq, they knew they would strike them but did not take much precautions neither did they try to stop them, until the tragedy struck.When a bus gets twisting in an accident, the lucky passengers that bus had been driving careless before the us crashed, they will have felt it before it happens but do nothing to stop it. I can use this to justify that funtic irony is endemic in the experience of tragedy, and it will always be, no matter how hard we try. References Barnard B. A and Winn F. (2005) Access to literary works An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and Drama Amazon publishers, New York Diayanni R.(1997) Literature Reading Fiction, Poetry, drama and the Essay Amazon publishers, New York Dawson C. and Flood J. (2000) Spotlight on Literature McMillan series Kennedy X. J and Gioia D. (2004) Literature An introduction to Fiction, Poetry and drama Interactive edition 9th Edition. Royle T. (1999) Scottish Literature McMillan seri es -Introduction to Literature McMillan series -Enjoying Literature McMillan series -Understanding Literature McMillan series -American Literature McMillan series English and Western Literature McMillan series

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