Thursday, March 7, 2019

Three Possible Learning Theories Integrated By AIU Online Within The Course

I. IntroductionAmerican intercontinental University has adopted various encyclopedism theories to cater for the needs of everyone in the world. These theories embroil Gagnes conditions of learning, the importance of structuring and sequencing of instruction, the socially mediated aspects of learning, individual structure of knowledge through experience and external constraints, experiential knowledge occupier within and among adult learners and bring uping deep learning.II. Background on developmentLearning is a gradual change in behavior due to practice or experience.Some proponents who have studied this atomic number 18 Gagne, Reigeluth and Piaget.III. Theories.A. Conditions of learning by Gagne who was an American Psychologist. In his findings and research realized that there is a great affiliatedness between learning objectives and appropriate instructional designs. In 1965 he produce the book that categorized learning into five taxonomies 1. Category is verbal data thi s is very important in learning process since it will issue the learner with an opportunity to take in the information, analyze it into a significant context and encode it to his/her own understanding.2. There are intellectual skills which are required in any learning. To define, classify or apply a concept to solve any problem. 3. Taxonomy is cognitive strategies which the learner employs his or her slipway in learning, thinking and doing things. 4. Taxonomy is attitudes this will enable the learner to use individualised actions to solve normal daily problems. 5. The use of motor skills, one essential use what he/she has learnt to perform certain actions using muscles. B. Elaboration possibleness which shows importance of selecting, structuring and sequencing information.Reigeluth (1979) gave the principles for planning and organizing instruction. Whereby, the instruction must be organized in order of complexity for optimal learning. The learner should develop meaningful con cepts to run aground subsequent ideas and skills. C. Theory fostering deep thinking by Piaget. Piaget utter that, there is need to foster deep learning. This enables the students to capitalize in emergent opportunities and be able to meet the ever changing demands of employees.IV. Active Learning Strategies and Exploratory Learning StrategiesThe types of active and exploratory learning strategy include investigating a system using personal initiative to a real or artificial task, studying a controlled setting with superfluous attention to newly acquired systems, using diaries and structured interviews that focus on learning events, field study, task-oriented explorations, using support from manuals/users/system support personnel and shrewd a system, and training.V. Electronic Learning Support Technologies There are various learning supports available like Electronic based facilities, resources and services that are always available.These may be mobile learning, e-learning, web based, interactive television, argument television, video conferencing and use of emails. VI. Conclusion The entire process is highly connected to the theories of learning for instance Gagnes theory of conditions of learning is highly use because of verbal communication. Materials are structured and sequenced this is in tandem with Reigeluth elaborative theory. The need to foster deep learning is evidenced in use various electronic learning support.

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