Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Nothing impure can enter into the Kingdom of divinity fudge (Revelations 2127).E genuinely person will soak up to pay for their sins to "the very last penny" (Luke 1259).Ill use somewhat of a fabrication to explain purgatory. God is retributive per account book (John 530), correct? Now, lets scan you have one man who leads a divine life and other who leads a sinful life, but sincerely repents of his sins on his death bed. fit to Protestants, both these men go straight to heaven after death. Is this just? I would have to answer in the negative. According to Catholic belief, the saintly man would go straight to heaven whereas the repentant man would have to be cleansed through temporal (not eternal) punishment for his sins before entering heaven. Where is this do? He cant be sent to hell because hell is eternal per Scripture (Matthew 2546 Mark 329). There has to be a middle ground so to speak. This "middle" ground is purgatory. We must digest for our sins ju st as Christ suffered for them (Romans 817 2 Corinthians 15-7). If this suffering is not in this life, it has to be in the next.Protestants say that since purgatory is not mentioned in the Holy Bible, it doesnt exist. But the Holy Trinity is not mentioned in the Bible either yet almost all mainstream Protestant denominations debate in it. Unfortunately, the King James version of the Bible mistakenly omits the Books of Maccabees. These books were contumacious by the Church Fathers to be inspired of God. The Twelve Apostles used the Septuagint (Greek) statute - almost every single quote from the Old Testament that is cited in the New is from the Septuagint - this canon INCLUDES the First and Second Books of Maccabees (as well as basketball team others). It is clear that praying for the dead to release them from the reparation of their sins is good according to the branch Biblical verse quoted at the top of this page.

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