Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My Reason :: Personal Narrative Moving Essays

My contendThe process of ending up where I did was a long one. I came to this town merely by chance, not knowing what to expect, or who I would meet. I didnt have dreams of going to a cool fix town, or a small city to attend college I retributory fell into it not knowing where I would end up. I had total reasoning, coming from a small town, I had good expectations from my prior visits, and I fit into the college life making friends precise easily. After months of searching, this is where I finish up.I grew up in a tourist town at the foot of the Rocky Mountain National Park called Estes Park. It is a good-looking mountainous town with an elevation of six thousand feet. (Estes Park is very similar to Flagstaff.) It was a wonderful place to grow up, but by the time we locomote from Estes Park, I was ready to go. The town had just self-aggrandizing to be too small for me. From there, at the age of fourteen, I moved down to a much bigger city called Fort Collins. This is where I lived and established a new life for the next five age ahead of me.When my senior year came, and it was time to begin the process of send in my applications for college, and I was not ready. I had absolutely no liking what I cute to do with my life at that point. My mother would press me everyday to start looking into colleges (In-state and out), and applying to the ones I liked. My parents had told me of some pretty places they had traveled through in Connecticut, Arizona, Washington, and Colorado. Taking their word for it, I applied to a few. In December, I had finally made a decision. I wanted to go to school in California. San Diego accede had become my school of choice. It had a beautiful campus, it wasnt too big of a school, and it was very intimately to where my Father wanted to retire. I soon found out that I was too late. San Diego, and most California schools, had their application deadline back in November. So I had to start looking in a different direction.My ste pfather decided that he wanted to help out. I had been leaning towards Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University mainly because of my sister.

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