Friday, March 22, 2019

Impact of Technology on Warfare :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Impact of Technology on Warfare Technology changes every day, sometimes the situations in our life ascertain what new engine room we use. You would come to be living in a hole not whap that we are in conflict with Iraq, and this event has changed digital state of war.The U.S. army has come up with a digital warfare system called multitude fighting Command System. This system can cream digital street maps, admonisher enemy positions, zoom in on individual buildings through broadcast imagery and download instructions from commanders. The the States Battle Command System has been but in to a go through full of Humvees in Iraq. This technology was originally designed for battlefield fleck which was tanks and helicopters, but now they have found that it is much more utilizable for hunting rebel leaders and trailing street fighters.This new technology helps the commanding officers know what is going on by that they can be back at there command base and watch raid s put out on large screens and watch real time footage. This allows them to know what simply what is taking place.The technology has allowed commanders to plan complicated raids and organize battle caravan and hundreds of soldiers within two hours. At that speed , they say, it played an important pause in capturing Saddam Hussein and other fugitives. One important instalment to the system is that each military vehicle is tracked by satellite and it appears as a moving blue icon on a computer screen inside these Humvees that have been equipped with the Army Battle Command System, this is important to the Humvee driver because now he is able to know where all tanks and other army vehicles are located and this is said to have helped reduce the amount of friendly fire incidents. Back before they had this technology the drivers would have to radio back to the command base and inform them on there location, No longer do you have guys on a map putting little stickers where things are at, now it is digitally done. It allows commanders to journey more rapidly, more decisively, more violently. 1A helpful feature that the Army Battle Command System has is a touch screen monitor which allows the officer to place icons on the map and have it appear on screens throughout the system which makes them able to show enemy position, possible mill around locations, fugitive hide outs and locations of newly found roadside bombs.

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