Monday, March 11, 2019

How to reduce student stress(time, environment) Essay

Manage eon wisely pupil emotion stress when they are no enough time to do their work. schoolchild always like to do the live on minute work, because they didnt plan well for their time. And likewise bookman lazy to do their melodic line early, they finger that they can finish at the end, but when the due date was come, they absorb to rush and finish the job in the limited time. Most of the last minute job was not as good as the job hold up early. Few ways that assimilator can do to stomach a go at it their time well, example like create their own timetable Most of the learners always forget what they have to do because they didnt plan at all. Student should create their own timetable to specify their time, example like week to pay back to do the assignment, make sure they have enough time to all over the job well before the due date time to start cogitation for their exam, if student got enough time to prepare for their exam, they can increase a more good result. R esult also one of the intellectual cause student stress, all the source of stress was related if student did not handle well. Besides that, student should jot down the listing to do of the day. Example like what homework that lecturer given, or others primal task should be finish, so they wont miss step forward the important things. With the list to do, student can clearly know that what they pass to do and can evaluate how they spending the time. Of course, while the time was put properly, student leave alone found that they have a lot of time to do other things after they finish they tasks and work they can arrange for others action at law to take a break, example like sport activity they like, club society activity, have a high tea with friends, shopping, pic and so on. Always plan well, work baffling to play harder, and must have appropriate time for rest, then the stress will far away from them.Create a good study environmentA proper and comfortable environment to st udy is very important to student it can influence student mood and motivation to study. If student be in a place was noisy and rowdy they will hard to focus and will feel annoying and pestilential at the moment. The irritating emotion will also cause stress to student. Some factors will influence the comfortable of environment, example like noise, music, dismissal, and temperature. For sure a rather place is qualified for study, some of the people need a completely quite environment tostudy, but some people prefer have some music. The soft music can reconcile the mood of student and let them feel relax or not in addition tension.The lighting was also important to create a good environment to study, as well as harsh bright light was no suitable but too soft light will cause student feel sleepy. The high spirits should in a moderate level to create the most suitable environment. Lastly the temperature, too hot or too cold two can make people feel uncomfortable. Some place was recommended as comfortable environment to study, the library, a peaceful coffee shop, bedroom, and a leaky balcony.People also can influence a comfortable study environment. Some students prefer a group study than individual, because they feel lonesome and cant stand off being alone, they need others friends inhere in and they can have a discussion with friends when they have any question. And also friends can help student to share their stress when they feel pressure.Referenceshttp//

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