Friday, February 22, 2019

Sacramento Valley Resort Tourism Resources

SECTION II TOURISM RESOURCES Tanay lies at the foothills of the sierra Madre Mountain with bearings 14o30 latitude and 121o17 longitude. it is bounded on the northeasterly by the towns of Antipolo, Baras, Teresa and Montalban on the east by Quezon Province on the randomness by Pililla and the Province of laguna and on the west by Laguna de Bay. Tanay is divided into two areas the urban and ruralbarangays.The largest urban barangay is Plaza Aldea (2,530 ha. ), and the smallest is Mag-Ampon (27 ha. ). The largest of the rural barangays is Sampaloc (8,899 ha. ), and the smallest is Cayabu (679 ha. ). capital of California Valley Resort is a place where everyone can relax and unwind. It has a campsite if you want to experience a different king of activities. It overly has a pool and a native type of accommodation which is as well as one of our plans to improve.The planners focus more on soft activities especially in team building activities that families and teenagers leav e alone surely enjoy. The planners are planning to certify more sports activities like basketball, horseback riding , zip lining, hiking, table tennis, rappelling and new(prenominal) more . thither is no facilities in the area like spa. Of course, there are people who wants to relax thats why this plan will establish a spa that will surely make the visitors fit and come back for more. Natural resources Human Resources Daranak Falls Population (2007) marrow 94, 460 Kalinawan Cave Census Daong Pop. Daraitan River Masungi Rock Rate Tinipak River Batlag Falls 1995 69,181 2000 78,223 2. 7% 2007 94,460 2. 64% Population Census of Tanay Cultural Resources Capital Resources Parola Featured Restaurants Tanay Park church service of Tanay Bukal Chapel Grotto Dulaang Tanahis

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