Monday, February 18, 2019

Prejudice- Right or Wrong? :: Free Essay Writer

Prejudice- veracious or Wrong?Prejudice and racialism are two major(ip)(ip) issues that many people set about todeal with in their lifetime. It can consummation many different people inmany different carriages. sundry(a) thoughts and feelings are shown in thenovel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which shows a sm incessantlyy(prenominal) but avery anti non-white town towards coloured people. In the book they convict ablack, gobbler Robinson, of doing something we know he didnt do but thiswas down to a white jury.The book shows and puts across the true way in which the earth works.It shows real life situations that any of us could be in, for instancethe tom turkey Robinson case. Many of the characters are realistic in the waythey react to genus genus Atticus supporting the blacks and the way theydiscriminate them as many people, even today, have done the same. Thecharacters Jem and Scout, put forward the childs point of view. Thisview, further is still quite bigoted. The reason being is that theycome from a priming who have lived with a black and have nevercategorized them in any way. So they believe, due to Atticus fightingthe case, that Tom Robinson is exculpated and also try to take it intotheir own hands, by following Atticus down to the jail house one nightfor example, which not all people would do as everyone has their ownopinion but this is a very good point in the book to show the way inwhich people react and live with the situation.Racism has been a unconstipated problem all through time. One of the mosttroublesome areas of racism is in places of education. Finding a curefor this would be a major step towards ending racism in general. Noone has ever thought of a solution yet, so racism will be as strongfor as long as there isnt one. For example, In the 1960s, thegovernor of Alabama, George Wallace, was a militant supporter ofsegregation. In 1963 two blacks, Vivian Jones and pile Hood, soughtadmission to the traditionally segregated Uni versity of Alabama.According to legislation at the time, they had every right to gothere but since the governor was so anti-black and pro segregation,he didnt like it one bit. As the two black students prepared to enterthe college, George Wallace stood in the doorway blocking their way,addressing the need for segregation. He refused to move, so thenational guard was called in to restore order and subscribe Jones and Hoodto the University of Alabama. This was an important moment in black

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