Friday, February 15, 2019

Nurse Occupational Stress Essay -- Health, Nursing, Stress

2492 finalCHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1.INTRODUCTIONWe need to be informed that all speech pattern is not negative. Selye a famous psychologist held for two categories of stress, videlicet good or desirable stress (eustress) and bad or undesirable stress (distress). Eustress is pleasant, or at least challenging, and it always produced maximization of output. It is evident that without this positive inner stimuli no one can be efficient in ones life. Distress is something negative and has no capacity to monitor or control a stress filled event in ones life. here one fails to control oneself and become a slave to stress causing distress and loss to oneself and to the organization he or she belongs. A bodily or psychological response is mandatory to occur stress in any living being. (Middleton, 2009). Occupational stress among the health professionals has been a planetary problem for years now. It can have an adverse mental and corporal health consequences and can lead to dec reased satisfaction with ones job. For a modest group of employees it can even lead to a burnout and sick leaves. railway line stress thus has not only negative consequences on themselves, only when also for the organization they work. Estimates are that 10% of the Gross National mathematical product in European countries is lost due to stress related absenteeism and turnover. Although absenteeism in health care is declining the past few years, it is still high compared to new(prenominal) stressful occupational settings such as education, catering industry or transport (Roy, 2010) The investigator has carried out this study in a head-to-head hospital in India named Jubilee Memorial Hospital Thiruvananthapuram. In this study the tec has focused on the occupational stress of the nurses. ... ...luded. In this section the researcher give closely examine the connection between the objectives, reviewed literature and the findings.Chapter -5 The run short section of this resea rch report is recommendation and relevant conclusion. 1.14. CONCLUSIONIn the modern era, nursing profession is a stressful occupation. This study go forth critically analyse various sources of the occupational stress of the Nurses and its negative relate on their profession. It is definite that future interventions to prevent stress in nurses impart be offered as a standard part of a make headway package within all health care organizations. The researcher is approving that the Nursing profession will have decreased amount of stress and a well developed increased coping mechanism which will in turn increase job satisfaction and increased feeling work performance in Nursing Care.

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