Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lifes as a House Outline Essay

Eriksons Psychosocial theory How has the soul matured? Maslows Hierarchy of Needs W here(predicate) is he/she on the power structure? Albert Ellis REBT What irrational beliefs does the character display? Stress Management What techniques are utilize to manage stress? Freuds Defense Mechanisms Identify any defending team mechanisms being applied to the characters life. Communication strategies Does the character intention I messages, extrapolateing, probing, etc. Family systems rules of healthy and unhealthy families how are they applied here?Addiction Do you see any addictive qualities? Love and Relationships How is go to sleep expressed? What would you say ab egress the characters relationships with former(a)s? What strategies did the character exercise? What does the characterization decorate ab come forth the importance of family across the generations? What does the move illustrate more or less healthy and unhealthy family systems? How can this film illustrat e the phenomenological/ humanist principle that life has more meaning because it must end? debate certain themes, concepts and issues and relate them to our studies in psychology.Pick a character in the movie and tell how this particular person learned (for better or worse) sore behaviors and/or cognition. Use their experiences, both past and present and their relationships (family, personal, friends) with other people, to convey what made them learn and/or change. Discussion should include topics much(prenominal) as Developmental stages of life, Conditioning, Motivation, Emotions, Personality, Psychological Disorders He was Goth and suicidal he was reckless with drugs and sex. He tried to hang himself in the closet.He was impudent to his family. But its hard to pinpoint what exact disorder he had. I would simply say depression. Possibly bipolar because there were measure when he was okay in the movie and then he would go into a rage of reckless behavior. Psychological focus ar eas mid-age and adolescent re-invention in response to grief / loss parenting adolescents facing death and working out what kind of a legacy to leave Sam goes through new changes in behavior. When the movie begun Sam was a rebellious young puerile with negative feelings toward his generate.Throughout the plot of the movie Sam goes through experiences with his father as they spend time together over the summer, which brings them closer together and allows them to have a better relationship. Sams acting out and unwanted actions were results of his parents divorce and not having a healthy relationship with his father. In Psychology, the basic concept of Nature vs. erect is said to Influence Development. Nature, accord to Laura A. King (2010), includes the individuals biological inheritance, especially his or her genes (p. 64).Nurture involves a persons environment and experiences. In her book King (2010) also states primeval experiences are important contributors to development ( p. 266). In the movie you could easily recognise the nurture side of Sams behavior. Knowing and hearing about what kind of people Sam hangs out with we can kind of understand why he dresses a certain way and why he partakes in certain activities, such as drugs. The people he hangs out with leads us back again to the divorce.Sam chooses to hang out with others the likes of him who fell pain inside. His behaviors are a cry for help. In the movie Sam says I like how it feels not to feel. He does drugs to choke up his problems and not feel pain. The emotions that young kids and teens go through when parents get a divorce usually include depression, anger, sadness, and the feeling that maybe they could have through something to have made the situation better. While some children and teens choose to cover their feelings, Sam didnt. He acted out with disrespect and constant anger.

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