Monday, February 4, 2019

I think that in Tennyson’s poems, The lady of Shalott and Mariana, Essa

I think that in Tennysons numberss, The bird of Shalott and Mariana, the central female characters are presented to us in the way that Tennyson views women and their roles in society. ThereTennyson had great sympathy for women and the shipway in which theirlives were restricted.Write the ways in which Tennyson presents the lives of women in somepoems you have read.I think that in Tennysons poems, The lady of Shalott and Mariana,the central female characters are presented to us in the way thatTennyson views women and their roles in society. There are manysimilarities and differences in both(prenominal) poems with how the female behaveand live.In The lady of Shalott the female lives in a tower, pin down andcursed, until she hears Lancelot coming. The lady is spinning tapestryand not looking break through of the window at the outside world, yet towardsthe end of the poem she gets distracted and wants to see Lancelot forherself. The tapestry is an important symbol in the poem its theonly world that the lady lives in and this is still just otherwisepeoples lives that she sees through the mirror.This poem reflects the political turmoil that women approach in the yearin which it was written. The lady is presented to us as organism trappedand helpless. She has been introduced to us sat in this tower and herlife seems horrendous and lonely shes waiting for a knight to save herwhilst she is trapped away from the world. This poem reveals a lotabout the Victorian notion of love and women. The lady in the poemembodies the true Victorian propose of the ideal woman virginal,embowered, innocent and obedient, also dedicated to her tasks.In Tennysons other poem, Mariana, there isnt a development of an... ...estry go out of the window (How she saw the world before)and the mirror cracks (Her previous nave perspective that she had ofthe world). The lady of Shalott cannot handle unrequited love and thereality of a harsh world so she kills herself.In the poem there is magical symbolism, this has human significance orwhen the Moon was overhead, Came two young lovers deep wed I amhalf sick of shadows, said the lady of Shalott. Tennyson writesabout females lost in half-life, which results in people takingdecisive, epical action that leads to their doom.Tennyson brings attention to rhymes by making most of the lines stop,and the flow of speech is brought to a halt by punctuation. The strongemphasis on rhymes gives the poem the feeling of an ancient tale, whennews was carried from town to town by excogitate of mouth and rhyming aidedmemorization.

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