Thursday, February 14, 2019

Feminist Art Movement Essays -- Cindy Sherman 2014

In the late 1960 to 1980s when the muliebrity inventionists work hardly could be make, unlike the custody, the feminists artists were rejected by the museums, galleries and more women. The issue was that nobody could see how muliebrity had so much valued art works to show. Only the anthropoid artists were allow to be published as artists, while the women suffered of discrimination. What the women wanted was that the world treat them as equals to men. The woman wanted something different than the men. This world has focused on only the male artists and their work. The women were shrouded in silence. Linda Nochlin who is an art critic asks, wherefore have there been no great women artist? (Nochlin 2) Since womens art were degraded and rejected by the public, womens art was hardly published. However, with the hardships and the endurance of women trying to earn their rights as artists, the visibility of their art is brought out by the exhibitions they produce. Therefore, durin g the 1970s by 1980s, the feminist art campaign was the crook point for feminist art to become more ocular to the public. The notion of the feminist art was that in the social life, males were dominant oer females and men had more power than women. Lilith eZine (online magazine) argues, Feminist theory must sorb into account the circumstances of most womens lives as mothers, household workers, and caregivers, in concomitant to the pervasive misconception that women are genetically inferior to men. (Lilith 7) Since women are inferior to men, womens art was ignored by the museums and galleries. In the 1970s, women artists started a protest against verandah owners for not exhibiting womens art thus this became the start of a hunting expedition called Feminist Art Mo... ...g inferior to men during the 1960s to 1980s, womens prowess was degraded, ignored and rejected. However, the continuous of women gathering to have their rights that should already have been accepte d, through the Feminist Art Movement, female artists gained visibility. This movement was a big turning point and now we know who they are.Works Cited Douma, Michael. Cindy Shermans Untitled Film Stills. N.p., Online note to Color Vision & Art. Web. 28 Nov. 2014. .Woodman, Donald. Judy Chicago. N.p., Online Posting to Through the Flower. Web. 28 Nov. 2014. .Wright, Coroline. Why have there been no great women artists? An art historical examination from a neurobiological perspective N.P. Web. 28 Nov. 2014.

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