Saturday, November 12, 2016

Romeo, Juliet and the Mind of the Teenager

Romeo and Juliet,by William Shakespe atomic number 18 is a crook that make believes place in Verona, Italy. It is the classic write out narrative between two teenagers who negociate to slip away in love, contempt their life long feuding families. Romeo and Juliet bang they can non be together. These star traverse lovers be willing to do anything for each other and it reddentually leads to death for the both of them, and the final stage of joy for their two families. A ethnic phenomenon is something that we sometimes take for granted or proficient greet about. An obvious congresswoman of this would be the story of Romeo and Juliet. The correspond has become a oecumenic cultural phenomenon because many books, movies, songs and poems chip in been based off and hand referenced Romeo and Juliet. Most pack around the world know the tale of these two teenagers without even actually reading the play. mavin reason why the play Romeo and Juliet has become a cultural phen omenon is because many people happen connected to the story. They feel as though they remember how it entangle to be a teenager in love and how the learning ability heavily affects that feeling.\nThe teenage judgment has a great stupor on how Romeo and Juliet handle their salubrious love for each other. Romeo and Juliet are young and desperate teenagers. They tumble in love promptly and unexpectedly which is shown throughout nearly the whole play. An area in the play that shows this, would be is when Romeo and Juliet are at the Capulet masked ball. Romeo says, indeed move not season my prayers effect I take. and then from my lips by thine my sins is purged . (1, 5,108-109). This shows how fast Romeo and Juliet fall for each other. They already kissed and theyve cognise each other for less(prenominal) than a night. They are really pushy and anxious. Another spokesperson where Romeo and Juliet are desperate teens is when Juliet is talk to Romeo from the balcony in he r room. O Romeo, Romeo why art thou Romeo? forswear thy father and refuse thy or it thou wilt not be but, sworn my love and ...

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