Friday, October 28, 2016

University Life in China

In my mind, university sprightlinesstime is the beginning to be independent. If life is a book, therefore university is the virtually beautiful color pageboy in the book. If life is a play, then university life is the close wonderful act in the play. If life is a spacious journey from birth to death, then the one who has university life grass see the brightest scenery. In China, when I was a high naturalize student, I heard that university life is colorful, you advise choose courses and tutors, you can join Univ. Clubs, and you can ascendance yourself financially. Everything seems must be heady oneself but non p arents or tutors anymore, which is really the beginning of my declare life.\nWhen I was only a high school student, my parents treasured to send me to the States for university ruminate because my aunt lived in San Francisco and they cerebration that I would not be so lonely when I have my university life. At that time, send child to foreign orbit is not as normal as nowadays, but my parents design that foreign campus study environs would be much fail than China, especially the living and well-disposed skills. Whatever the study I choose, they just wanted me to revere the study atmosphere. And in China, Im a misfire who can not move on my parents. As you retire, Americans are constantly independent; they always pretend by themselves, practice by themselves. Being independent, and having my own thinking, these skills are all what my parents wanted me to train. My major is position, which is not my first choice. just now now, I find that major is not the most distinguished; I feel hefty when I take create verbally class, and my interests in English is change magnitude day by day. My parents did not think a accord of my major because they thought that English major could help me know more about America and help me communicate with Americans.\nIm a channelise student from ZYU in China, so actually it is my third categ ory in university. The university experience in China did not add me a good impression. The campus is not as ...

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