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Founded in 1000 BC by John Doe, the Hindi religion?. Unlike some(prenominal) other religions of today, Hinduism does not suck in a individual founding person nor is it clear of only when it began. Hinduism, also referred to as Sanathana Dharma, is an ancient religion that is believed to have get up that date back to 8000 BC. It is a religion that lacks a mix get a line system, and its goal is liberation bod mundane existence. Although Hinduism lacks approximately founding information or a unified view system, it is the third largest religion practiced today with nearly whizz billion followers (, 2004). It is also a vital go against of the region from where it originated and a major influence on umpteen societies around the world. Unlike most religions, Hinduism does not rely on a unified system of beliefs. It is a Dharma religion that is comprised of some(prenominal) different traditions and beliefs that have evolved over time. There is no ho tshot set of texts to follow, no single prophet or graven image to follow, and no governing authority. Instead, Hinduism contains concepts of paths, strategies, and stages of life for cardinal to get self-realization. most(prenominal) of the Hindu beliefs are derived from the Vedas. The Vedas are spiritual texts that have been passed piling form one generation to the next. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
There are quaternary elemental Vedic books: Rig-Veda, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, Atharva-Veda (IndiaLife, 2007). These texts provide guidance for one to achieve the sought-after(a) after self-realization. Self-realization is necessary to break the filament of metempsychosis and become! emancipate from earthly existence. Becoming liberated from earthly existence is the ultimate goal of Hinduism. Hindu belief is touch on on the wheel of reincarnation. Through the concept of karma , one strives to sanctify the soul by conducting light deeds. If one cannot consummate pure deeds, the soul... If you want to get a full essay, golf-club it on our website:

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