Monday, September 9, 2013

Debate Presentation

Running Head : Debate PresentationNameUniversityCourseTutorDate Disasters beyond gracious controlDisasters ar the effects which results from hazards on vulnerable zones which contribute negatively to twain merciful beings and their activities Some kitty be controlled but others go beyond human mitigation . The ones beyond human controls ar subdivided in to two groups indispensable and man made chances . The natural tragedys include flooding , lighting , severe winds blows among other . In role of such hazardous happenings , human and their activities atomic offspring 18 adversely modify done , loss of lives vilify of properties and process upsets collectable(p) to chemical releasesAlthough fire is a very exercisingful pith to human beings it turns to be very hazardous when it explodes , for instance in chemical i ndustries , in farmlands during farm clearing , in aircrafts payable to accidents among other incidences . When such happens , it feces only be managed finished seeking for assistance like from fire brigades to handle the cataclysm otherwise loss of lives and property has to occur . Occurrence of tsunami results from grow of gases at the atmosphere thus causing ocean and marine tides to destroy property and lives along the shores . This tragedy cannot be controlled by human being as it is a natural hap (Scerbo 1999 . In study of such a catastrophe ocean recoverer divers should be conducted immediately to save the pretend victimsFlooding resulting from heavy rains is another disaster which ca drops to lose of lives to all keep things through drawn . When such happens authorities from the government should be conducted to help the abnormal using aircrafts . At the same succession , lack of wet results to draught hence hunger and shortage which also can claim l ives when the fount is severe . This disast! er can be mitigated through drilling of boreholes to the affected atomic number 18as . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Advancement in new technology has led to human s improvement in some sectors like transportation and ground etc When mechanical problems develop within the associated machineries , for instance engineering misadventure in aircrafts , trains and vehicles , it can lead to massive deaths and fire outbreaks . This can be mitigated through application of high talented man power to be monitoring any defects Tornados and Hurricane and are other severe weather related events which are go with by cyclone wind blows which cause storms -surge a nd subsequent flooding resulting to weewee rises few meters above the normal sea level in the coastal zones hence drowning of people among other ends . In case of this disaster , sea motor boats are used to rescuer the affected victims . Technological Advancement has contributed to disastrous events through use of crude war weapons like atomic and nuclear bombs with cyanogenetic chemicals which have adverse effect to human and property remnant . When such missiles are released , life safer should be used to toil up the buried people from the collapsed structures . Epidemic is another disaster attributed by outbreak of diseases due to reasons like flooding and events of tsunami . In case of outbreak of new diseases , it takes time for medial researchers to fuck up...If you ask to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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