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Antig sensation Creon is a king who no sensation wants to contradict, repayable to his mightiness to overreact. Any single who goes against him volition be sentenced to death. For this reason, he is a actually mesomorphic king, because know one is willing to risk their manner to test and change his mind or change his laws. Sophocles’ take on “Antigone” explains the incompatible tragic flaws that many of the characters leash off go on of. Creon’s flaws include being gleeful, egotistic and bullheaded. All these flaws lead to the death of his family. First, Creon is a very prideful individual who believes he is perfect and is a gift of the gods. He believes he should be worshipped and that everything the people do should be for him and should glorify his name. Creon similarly believes that everyone should do what he says and no one should think otherwise. He thinks that if someone thinks differently than him, they be act to take aside h is spot on the throne. Creon shows pride when he states, “And yet you dared hold water the law” (783). He is stating that no one should dare survive the law he has set start for them, because he believes it is the outstrip for everyone. Secondly, Creon is a selfish person and will only when do what he thinks is best for him. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He doesn’t worry active his town or the people in it, because he only believes his life matters and doesn’t believe he should worry closely anyone else’s life. Creon believes everyone should worship him and do things in his name. He shows selfishness when he says, &ld quo;These are my principles, it does non ma! tter what they deal” (777). Creon will not bury his son Polyneices with honor, simply because he did not oppose with Creon. He says that his son wasn’t ceremonial him and wasn’t doing things for him, so why should he bury him with honor. Thirdly, Creon is stubborn and is completely absent-minded to what others around him believe or have to say. No one in town can get Creon to change his mind, because they are scared of...If you want to get a full essay, suppose it on our website:

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